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As a blogger I love having people guest posts on the sites that I am a part of.  It is a fantastic way to not only build a community, but also friendships.  Through guest posting we can cross promote our sites to help build a better community and develop fans of our work.  That is really what this is all about.

We will have contact details coming shortly for guest posting. 

Thank you so much for your interest in writing a guest post on the site and I hope to hear from you soon!

Chris & Craig (new owners)


  1. i think that i can offer some advice on how to make gold aswell even thow i dont have much experience in it but i belive that this will help.

    dont join the the same server as adam because he'll kick your ass at the auction house!!

    1. Haha unlikely. Unlike Diablo 3, which is another game I play, Guild Wars 2's economy is pretty massive. It is spread across different disciplines and professions. It would be impossible to hijack an entire server. That is also why when I get into the upcoming beta I plan to focus on many different crafting markets so that I am not just giving you advice on one specific thing.

      What good would this site be of that is all I did?

    2. Quite literally impossible, as the trading post in Guild Wars 2 is shared between all servers!

    3. Contact link is broken, what do i do?

  2. Hey Chris & Craig,

    We've got the next episode of Gold Guru available to schedule for tomorrow's post at the usual time. We'll need to be granted writing permission seeing as since the ownership switch GW2Riches no longer shows up under our blogger account as a site we can post to. Please and thank you!

    1. Can sort this out for you - reply to this comment with your email address (I won't publish) and I'll add you again

  3. Hello,

    I am Yasmine, a member of some financial communities and a financial writer. I found your site ( I have contributed many articles for many financial sites/blogs. I want to send you a guest post for your site. My article will be unique, informative and relevant to your site.

    I'll send in words format or .txt as an attachment.

    Thanks a& Regards,
    Yasmine Wilson

    May I send my article?

    1. Sure thing mail me at

  4. Hey Guild Wars 2 Riches!

    Gold Wars 2 here ! I've just finished setting up a more advanced and robust community news section of our site, which can be found on the home page (latest 5 updates) or in the new Community News section. The goal of the community news page is to help centralize a place of relevant Guild Wars 2 content from esteemed and trusted gold tip and strategy sites. Let me know what you think.

    Thanks for being awesome and producing quality content.

  5. Hello GW2Riches! Here's a present for your readers!
    The best money making tip of the year?
    Let us see!
    Here you go!

    Buy eggs up now as they are going to reach 7-10silver come Easter weekend!

    Just send out happy thoughts as payment ;-)