Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Structured PvP = Reward Structure

I've always been a big fan of PvP. I played many battlegrounds in World of Warcraft (and would continue to if I had an active subscription); I've racked up 600hrs+ in Dota 2; I played a good bit of League of Legends before Dota 2 and, well, I'm fond of competitive play.

With GW2 I dabbled a bit at the beginning. The systems they've laid down are slick in PvP. Honestly it's one of the best PvP games I've played and perhaps the best MMORPG PvP system. I'll let others decide whether that's the case or not, but in my book I've not played better.

As I say though, I dabbled. The hugest of drives in an MMORPG for me, is financial security and progression in both PvE and PvP. GW2 kinda stumped me on a bit with PvE progression and continues to do so (I've not visited as many explorable dungeons as I've done, say, heroic dungeons in WoW). I should hook up with a regular PvE guild.

I also found PvP to be unrewarding. You gained ranks and had chances of gear but it was segmented from the main experience. I found this off-putting. I'm a massive fan of alts and being able to access everything I've unlocked on any character on any other character is a huge plus for me.

And so we come to the core of this post, as it were: I've been playing A LOT more PvP since the patch. Massive amounts more. The reward track system is cool but not the main selling point. It was the access to all items and looks across both modes that did it for me.

Having mentioned the reward system though, did you know it's probably the best way to get transmutation charges bar none? If you're like me and go through them at a huge rate, you might find you save a lot of gold > gems > charges if you just enter some sPvP.

You can earn a large amount more in gold with your time but saving is as important as earning and while the reward system isn't impressive in terms of financial throughput (gold per hour or minute) if you want to PvP anyway, you shouldn't feel that you're gimping yourself in terms of earning money.

PS/ I've been having so much fun and I've got so many classes to get to grips with (I feel like each of my six 80s deserve a run at least) I might end up sharing some tips or builds at a later date! Bear in mind I'm no expert... yet.

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