Saturday, April 19, 2014

Lucky Breaks

Sometimes you just get lucky. A long time ago when my Guardian hit 80 and I was gearing him up with exotics, I made the cost cutting decision to use a named exotic set with okay stats and okay runes. That set was Devona's and it was okay at the time.

Now however, the new meta means the runes of strength on each of this guardian's armor items are worth 10 gold and over. I don't main my guardian so his armour got salvaged with black lion salvage kits (to guarantee the runes) and sold.

It wasn't one of the runes or sigils I gambled on but it was a stroke of luck anyway. My guardian is in placeholder rare gear for now. I think I hurt his feelings.

You can't plan for these fortuitous occasions but you do need a rough mental picture of everything on your account (especially alts you play less often) to realise when one pops up.

Most of the returns from these runes of strength will be reinvested again but I've yet to decide where to place my coin. I have quite a few unidentified dyes so I think some diversifying is called for.

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