Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Join the forums!

I am embroiled in time consuming RL scenarios at the moment. It means my posting has been a bit lax, a bit irregular, a bit infrequent. I hope to correct that soon but in the meantime I wanted to shout out the forums!

They're already really informative. There's a few early adopters coming up with some excellent discussion and, even when I have little time to create a full fledged post for the site, I've enough time to get talking to folks on the boards.

I recommend everyone who's interested in where GW2 is going in 2013 (did you see that post today by the way? I'll be blogging about this in the next few days I hope - if I get time!) get involved!

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  1. getting the error " An internal error has occurred and the widget cannot be displayed." since about 2 weeks. do you closed the forum for unregistered user ?

    1. You have to sign up to see content now yep - was a suggestion from within the forum community.