Thursday, January 31, 2013

GW2 Farmer's Almanac - Onyx Lodestones

Farmer's Almanac

The Farmer's Almanac is a series where you can learn Guild Wars 2 gold farming locations throughout Tyria. I don't disagree that the Cursed Shore is the best farming location; but with diminishing returns, you'll have to visit other areas and thus we bring other locations to your attention.

This Week's Guild Wars 2 Gold Farming Location

This week we are going to Malchor's Leap to farm some Earth Elementals for their Onyx Lodestones. This guys will be 2 levels above you most of the time so be careful. They open up with Churning Earth so prepare to dodge or you will be crippled and bled. After a little while, they will receive Magnetic Aura which will reflect projectiles back to you so be careful. Also, keep in mind that these guys are immune to knockbacks, knockdowns and fear so CCing has no effect. Now that you know your foe, go farm up some Lodestones that sell for around 2.5 gold. Even if you don't receive any lodestones, you should still make around 1 gold an hour. Have fun!
Have fun with this location and let us know how you've done. Have a farming location you'd like to share or have tested? Leave us a comment!

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  1. When I farm Cursed Shores (Pentinent, Shelter, Jofast) I get at minimum 3 gold an hour, how is this better?

  2. I've found farming heavy skritt shiny bags in WvW makes consistently about a gold per hour.

  3. If it's the Onyx Cores/Lodestones u are after, consider doing Twilight Arbor with a group. Kill the first boss and loot chest (+ boss with omnomberry bar), trained groups should be able to do it in 3-4 min per run. Can't promise anything about the droprates on the onyx but I'd consider 2-3/hour an average rate for the cores; lodestones hardly ever drop. Apart from that u'll be looting at least 10/14s every 4-5 min from the boss. Both boss and chest drop some rare/yellow once in a while. Have fun

  4. Sounds like a lot of hard work, I think I will stick to making my gold on the Trading Post and leave the grinding for the rookies! ;)

  5. I found the drops and just plain loot for onyx lodestones to be best in WvW. This is my own personal experience, so everyone has different experiences as we all know. WvW from the Erradon's Terrace borderlands, in the most western upper corner has centaurs, which drop heavy bags. Market as of this week was from 4-5 silver each. In about an hour, I received 33 heavy bags worth 1.5 gold. Converting 30 bags I received 2 cores and 1 onyx lodestone. A second time I farmed the area and got a similar amount of heavy bags, high twenties, I received no cores or lodestones. Still worth over 1 gold in heavy bag sells, opening them converted to about 40 silver in materials. Also, you will get about 10 silver in just kills over an hour. Let me know if this works for you.

  6. What are skills 8 and 9? I'm moving my necro to conditions from minion master and he's L72 now. I like that you can handle the Earth Elementals with this staff build.

    I'll make an acct just so I can like this post, and will check out your other entries.


    Dread Wraithbane