Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Flame and Frost Prelude

We don't get much time between big events finishing and new ones being hyped in Tyria. Not that I think that's something worth complaining about! Today sees the first teaser, the prelude, for Flame and Frost - the beginning of a series of events that'll change the world we game in.

Much like all events before, this is going to trigger some market activity. There's not much information to go on just yet but, as always, gems are going to play a part here (it's how Arenanet make money without a subscription fee).

In fact the marketing geniuses at Anet headquarters have given a large chunk of the playerbase what they've always wanted (or didn't know they wanted until they saw the screen shot): Quaggan backpacks. QUAGGAN BACKPACKS:

I just commented over in our forums, something a touch throwaway but I was instinctively right: This is why gems are such a good cushion against inflation if not an all out profit making technique (the large fee is what prevents us from really making super profits with gem flipping). In fact gems are starting to see some action already.

I know it's early to speculate but, when you're right, the earliest speculation nets the surest and most substantial  profits. What do you think we'll see? What kind of event are we looking at? New materials (like the Lost Shores are a possibility. New recipes are almost a certainty.

There's very little information to go on just now in terms of what to invest in. We've got hints about an overhaul of achievements including daily and monthly quests; a new reward type "laurels"; changes to the 'Box o' Fun'; and information that the trouble and refugees originate from the northern regions of Tyria including the Charr and Norn areas (flame and frost).

For now I'll be keeping my eyes peeled and getting involved in discussions on our boards and in the comments!

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  1. Pre cursors going down. Look at the items you can buy with laurels. 78'80 rare AND exotics GEAR. Gear also includes weapons.
    Because anet announced they would add more possibilities to obtain pre cursors.

    Sorry for grammar/typos. Typing this on my android and only has dutch auto correct