Thursday, January 17, 2013

Farmer's Almanac - A Trio of Farming Locations

Bunch of Farms for you Today!

Tier 1 Crafting Materials

Sorry I haven't posted. It's been hectic around here lately but I have not been lazy. I've got 3 different farms for you all to try if you haven't already. Have fun!

This location is not for farming for gold. You may receive some gold in the process but we are actually looking for Tier 1 crafting materials. You know, those materials you need to start leveling your crafting professions. Stuff like Jute Scraps, Tiny Scales/Claws/Totems, Vials of Weak Blood and all that jazz. Of course, most of these items can be purchased off the Trading Post for a pretty low amount of money, but I know there's quite a few frugal people out there that won't spend money on something they can easily farm themselves.

Anywho, all of the Tier 1 crafting materials can actually be farmed in one place in Queensdale. So in this level 1-17 zone, you can port over to Vale waypoint or Fields waypoint. Either way, head to the caverns to the eastern part of the map and kill yourself up a bunch of bandits. They drop Bags of Pinched Goods which you can open up for the materials. If you're level 80, you may notice that these guys will drop level 75+ items along with level 3-5 items. I believe this has to do with magic find gear. The low level stuff are things that would have dropped anyway where the high level stuff was stuff that only dropped because of the magic find gear you had. I was actually able to find a rare item off a champion in the caverns that I salvaged for an ecto. Not a huge profit gain, but it did more than pay for my fast travel costs. As for the bandits themselves, there's nothing special. They are easy to kill and range from level 3-5. Scouts are mid ranged and cutthroats (or is it cutpurses) are melee. Just a little something to keep in mind when grouping them up.

Karka Farming in Southsun Cove

We will be heading to Southsun Cove, a level 80 zone that was added during the Lost Shore event. Karkas are level 80 sperm shooters that look like Patrick Star from Spongebob Squarepants. They are tough, with a large health pool and strong attacks. I recommend medium to long ranged attacks when possible and adding blind or weakness to your build will help mitigate damage. After the Karka's opening ranged attack, they will attack at melee range so I suggest crippling and kiting the Karka to avoid most damage.

Karka drop Vials of Potent BloodVials of Powerful Blood and Karka Shells as well as a couple types of trash loot and Rare items as well. All sell pretty well on the Trading Post. You should also get at least one rare item or two within an hour that can be salvaged for Globs of Ectoplasm. In the 2 hours I farmed this location, I received 2.8 Gold. I cannot recommend this farm because of its potential difficulty in farming and its low payout.

Killing Sparks for Charged Lodestones

There are 3 different locations to farm sparks. Two of them are in Cursed Shore of Orr and are only there during certain events. The first location is just north of Caer's Shadowfain Waypoint and the other is just west of Arah Waypoint. Since I couldn't get a lot of sparks in this zone, I decided to farm the majority of my sparks in Malchor's Leap south of Tempest Waypoint and specifically just south of Karst Plains in a ruin with veteran sparks and spirits of valor. The sparks themselves are simple to take down and the veterans are a bit tougher but still pretty simple. Grab a farming buddy like I did and things will go a lot smoother.

These sparks are the only things that drop charged lodestones which sell for around 3.5 gold. I wasn't lucky enough to get one during my first hour but if you do, your profits could exceed 4 gold. Not bad, eh?

Anyway, sorry for the gap in content. Hopefully this will hold you all over for some time. Let us know how your farms turn out and submit farms you'd like to see in the comments of the videos. Thanks all!

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