Friday, January 25, 2013

Farmer's Almanac - Corrupted Lodestones

Hello everyone! Kyle here and this week we are heading out to Frostgorge Sound once again, but this time it's to the Ice Floe waypoint which will be for level 78-80s. Our goal is to find Corrupted Lodestones from Icebrood Colossus and Corrupted Quaggan. Some of you may know this farm already, but I had been putting it off since I never had any luck with it. I gave it a go this week though since it had been a while and I actually made a pretty penny.

The Icebroods are a ranged attackers that will chill you and try to hit you with ice shards. Simply stay out of the red circles and you'll have no problems with these guys. The Quaggan are melee attackers and are easy to round up after their initial ranged attack. As for drops, there are a few crafting materials that drop like Vicious Claws, but as mentioned before the main reason for the farm is for Corrupted Lodestones which sell for over a gold each.

Try out the farm if you haven't yet and please let me know how you did in the comments of the video. And while you're down there, if you have any farms you'd like to see featured, send us a message or comment on the channel. Happy farming!

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