Monday, December 10, 2012

Wintersday Teaser Incoming

Visiting the media section of the official Guild Wars 2 site and looking in videos, shows us something interesting:

A private video entitled Guild Wars 2 Wintersday: The Wondrous Workshop of Toymaker Tixx!

This can only mean we're about to get information soon, information that will spark a new speculation wave. The fact that the focus is on a toymaker really opens up the possibilities we've discussed in previous threads about toy recipes being the focus instead of cooking recipes.

I still wouldn't rule cooking out myself. I'm certain, whatever the main focus of the event, there will be a multitude of crafting recipes in nearly all disciplines.

What I like is the unknown element of toys. In our eyes 'toy' covers quite a broad range. I wonder what Tyria equivalents the developers have conjured up.

If this video goes live soon (I imagine it will be by the end of today - Arenanet time) we'll hopefully have more to discuss! Get your speculating goggles on.

PS Who else is hoping for a new jumping puzzle? Part of me wants it, part of me doesn't! :)

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  1. Jumping Puzzle who needs another jumping puzzle i can't beat Stepping Stones.......just kidding of course i want a new jumping puzzle

  2. Thanks for pointing it out! Refreshing every couple of minutes XD..

    Information is crucial, but I dont think the Preview Video will show any clue about possible investments..but we can ofc hoppe for it. =)

    I made last minute investetment on glacial stuff...


  3. Not only 1 jumping puzzle! 100s jumping puzzles is what I want!! :D

  4. There BETTER be cooking recipes as that's where I put almost all my gold. I did buy 100 glacial cores, so hopefully that pays off as well. Tough looking at my wallet and only see a handful of silver. It's my first event speculation investment, hoping I can turn my 40 gold into 100 if all goes well :) if I could only afford the waypoint travel to go farm some more money before Friday :P

  5. I'm hoping that dungeon called as 'Secret Lair of the Snowmen' will come back.

  6. Any thoughts on the video now that it's up? It looks fun, but I didn't see much to speculate on. (That we didn't already know.) Anyone with sharper eyes catch anything?

  7. Having a look - will write a more detailed post shortly. At first glance, little actual info to speculate on.

    However, bear in mind that over Halloween it was the press leaks that proved MOST educational.