Saturday, December 22, 2012

Wintersday IRL

Work is, (at least professionally - I can't stay away from my laptop even over Christmas :S) now over and the season of good cheer begins!

I am at the family homestead, the hub for yuletide activity. This means one thing above all others - my precious PC is back at my own home :(. So until I return I'm on an old macbook pro - a simple device more than capable of doing most things but not playing GW2, oh no.

So I figure this is as good a time as any for a short Christmas break. Until the 27th I'll be taking a little break and have no planned posts (though something may catch my eye).

I will still be hanging around the forums when I get a chance because I'm fascinated by what I'm missing and love a gossip related to a game I'm really into. I'm hella jealous to be honest ^^ I for one have yet to get all the achievements!

Merry Christmas and happy Wintersday :)

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  1. In fact the busy period of my holiday is running over! Back to normal in a few days :)