Thursday, December 13, 2012

Wintersday Information Hot Off The Press

This is what I'm talking about. The information the press releases is always better than what we get from the company itself. So let's have a read:

The "Three New Activities" section sounds amazing (harmonic music game, snowball fights jumping puzzle?! Yes!) but has little in the way of speculation or trading post information so let's move on.

The fact that the even runs for three weeks but only spends a handful of days at each races' capitol concerned me (in terms of themed rewards which I predicted) but I think we can rest easy now:

"Each city’s instance will drops plans and materials for players to craft toys themed after the capitol city.  But the good news is that you’ll be able to do every city’s instance once Tixx gets to Lion’s Arch."
So if you miss one of the first days, no matter. Plans and materials are still available! Oh and "Guild Wars 2 hard mode meets tower defense"? Colour me excited (again). This event is shaping up nicely!

"There are a whopping 275 new crafting recipes, not all of which are themed around the holiday (though many are)."
This is excellent news. I know a few of you were concerned about the drop in value of certain items after the official forum post yesterday, and how it affected the stock you were still holding onto. There is little to worry about. In fact 275 recipes (not all with a wintry theme) will require a lot of different materials. The majority of these I wager are in game, and in your banks.

"the crafting skins that will be much more accessible and attainable. "
This is an indication that they've learned from Halloween (which means those of us who stocked up on Halloween goodies might take hope from - other events will be more rewarding with skins but Halloween items will remain more exclusive).

This is just the start of the news dropping, I'll add any other links I see in the comments below - I suggest you do the same :)

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  1. Thank you for all the information... Keep em coming :) I almost lost hope in making money off some of the items i'm holding :) ♥

    I just checked BLChest and they have jumped to 14c from 10 last night.. I'd suggest that for anyone looking to make some money, asap... maybe buy order at around 9 or 10c.

  2. Hmm I wonder if these means they won't be using Black Lion Chests for skins then? Coem on Anet this is your money spinner, surely not?