Saturday, December 15, 2012

Wintersday Gift Mechanics

Quick post to show you guys the rough process for gifts and gift exchanging during Wintersday. Completing themed events (like the PvP snowball mini-game) rewards personalised gifts which you can open for a chance at goodies:

Opening these usually gives you ugly woolen items. The only purpose for these items is to exchange for better items. These better items appear to be what you have a chance of getting from each gift - so even when you're unlucky you can still save up for an item skin or recipe or materials:

This particular Lionguard present exchange fellow deals in ugly wool socks only! Tiny snowflake looks to be (I may be wrong) the only material you can exchange - but there are other materials (I got this from a gift):

The event is packed with fun so get in and get playing! 

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  1. Actually you can trade the ugly wool items

  2. FYI - the Lionguard Present Exchange has a tab for each of the different ugly woolen items. :)

  3. The other trade in's for the ugly wool items (hats,sweaters) is by clicking on the bags in the upper left on the merchant screen.