Wednesday, December 12, 2012

No New Resource Nodes For Wintersday

Short and quick blog post this one coming as it does after the main post earlier about the interesting gem slump:

No, there’s no resource nodes. Something else will take the place of ad-hoc, holiday content on the go. There are new crafting recipes, but the components for those will come from the rewards gained by playing any holiday content.

This is the forum post in question. Very interesting! No new resource nodes for the event. Is this something they've learned from candy cane? Will candy cane be the only resource introduced in this way?

I just don't know!

Also the recipes added (confirmation there will be - it was kind of obvious but we didn't know 100% just yet) will use rewards from taking part. This means that active play (gaining these rewards) will be the only way to stock up on this wintersday resource.

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  1. It's certainly going to have an impact on speculation. I'm not so certain that this means ALL items from before the event will be used. I believe it is more "there will be no custom new material for the event"

  2. I am also almost sure that not only things from the events gonna be used but also regular mats.


  3. "[...] but the components for those [recipes] will come from the rewards gained by playing any holiday content."
    Maybe I'm not too well informed, but Halloween is a holiday in my country.
    "[R]ewards gained" by playing Halloween events are candy-corn and the 3 rare mats.
    This implicates that candy-corn will be used in every holiday-event?

    Well it makes perfect sense to me. You need sweets for any party plus crafting candy-corn into candy-cane is perfectly logical to me.
    Now Wintersday is twice as interesting even if they do not use candy-corn again, the new materials will be used again for sure... [if you are still willing to trust Anet that is]

  4. I just read the 2nd post of the dev:
    "Azjenco, I’m saying that there will be new crafting components specific to Wintersday. To get them, you play Wintersday stuff. Activities, events, etc.

    We took a very different approach to Wintersday crafting than Halloween. There’s a lot more recipes and we made some of our unique skins considerably more easy to get."

    Ignore/delete my other post with my speculations already proven wrong. He didn't mean to say the new materials will be used for every holiday. I guess his "any" was strictly related to Wintersday's activities. I'm no good at interpreting English posts :D

    Anyway, many new recipes will make use of many different materials so the odds of having bought the right one increased a lot :D

  5. I wonder if there will be high requirements on the crafting items. Maybe that will rise the price of other crafting mats, such as ones in common tutorials, for people who are working towards the desired crafting profession.

  6. I dont quite 100% get it... it doesnt sounds for me as all componets of the the recipes will be the things you get thru the event.. but seem like some mats are already sinking as investors unload their stuff because for them it sounds like the new recipes will only use new mats gathered thru xmas events...


  7. Prices have already tanked for many of the speculated chef materials (Mint, Cinnamon, etc.). Glacial cores are well below 6s on buy orders as well.

    That being said, I still think that at least SOME of the new recipe will include existing crafting materials. I was reading through other responses by the dev who gave the response in the above post and his way of answering all questions isn't exactly the clearest way to do so.

    If you read his response carefully, the "but the components for those will come from the rewards gained by playing any holiday content" part could simply mean: the way to procure the new components for recipes is from events ONLY, and not from resource nodes and could have nothing to do with if existing crafting components being part of the recipes.

    Thoughts? (sorry if what I typed was confusing, it's early where I am at :)

  8. Courtesy of ZoCks on FB:

    Likely going to be blogging a bit about this - particularly interesting is this quote:

    "There are a whopping 275 new crafting recipes, not all of which are themed around the holiday (though many are)."

    1. If this is the case, there is NO WAY they only include Wintersday components. Looks like I will be unloading some gems to invest a bit more this evening :)

  9. Is the ratio between gems buy price and sell price always the same?

    If not how do you know when to buy and when to sell?