Friday, December 14, 2012

Join the Guild Wars 2 Riches Forum (Take 2)

An update to the last post... there were server problems so we had to migrate the forum. This meant posts and sign ups were lost :(

We really didn't want to do this at all, especially so fast. To those of you early sign ups I apologise profusely - but it needed to be done and the longer we waited the worse the fall out would have been.

I manually backed up the posts (there were cpanel issues with the original server which is why we switched) and added them again (but under my username) with an [Original post by ...] tag.

At least we're now ready and this awkwardness was resolved before Wintersday!

Visit us and join in over at the Guild Wars 2 Riches forum.

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  1. That had to be painful for you - At least I only have to fill out 6 lines to sign up again... :)