Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Interesting Gem Slump

I noticed something interesting about GW2spidy's gem exchange graph this evening. After a pretty nice series of regular spikes (expected in the build up to an event where gems will be the currency for many fancy items and Christmas-y trinkets) there was a pretty sharp slump:

Now this isn't anything unusual when you look at other markets - this would be speculators offloading (a bit too rapidly though) in say, the lodestone or core market, black lion chests, or any number of chef ingredient markets.

A number of people (or one, very wealthy person or group) who stocked up on gems when they were cheap transferred them to gold. This drove the value down.

But, although there's precedent for slumps like this around holiday times, gems prove resilient - notice the spikes and slumps before previous events and gem store sales. Gems always bounce back. Their value is in rude health and climbing since game launch (more and more gold enters the market whereas gems are not as easily attained - someone has to buy).

I am nearly 100% sure I will offload my gems to gold at one peak or other during the event but that's just so I can rebuy at a lower price point (fees included). I don't plan on making an exit from that particular market once speculation is done and dusted - which is what I plan to do with a few other stock lines I've got in the bank.

No, I plan on storing wealth long term in gem form. I can only really see them getting more valuable compared to gold as the months roll on.

I just wish I could have predicted this recent slump from about 2 gold 50 silver to 1 gold 75 silver - even with the fee that'd be a few extra gems in my account now!

What are your thoughts?

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  1. I exchanged for 1000 gems when it was at 1g 75s before the expected rise due to the Xmas event. So it went up that much D: how lucky of me

  2. Speculation has already begun for easter. Some holiday stuff like carrots recently doubled. Also, when would you recommend re-buying gems as an investment during the holidays?