Friday, December 14, 2012

GW2 Gold Farming – Fireflies, Boars and Grawl

Farmer’s Almanac

ShoddyCast's Farmer’s Almanac is a series where you can learn Guild Wars 2 farming locations throughout Tyria. I don’t disagree that the Cursed Shore is the best farming location; but with diminishing returns, you’ll have to visit other areas and thus we bring other locations to your attention.

This Week’s Guild Wars 2 Farming Location

Howdy, y’all! Kyle here, and I’ve got TWO farming locations for you to try this week. The first will be in Straights of Devastation at Plinth Timberland waypoint. Head north from there and you will see fireflies and boars. Both are non-aggressive meaning they won’t attack you unless you attack them first. Boars will drop Large Fangs, which doesn’t make sense but they do. Boars have a lot of health and armor and will knock you down so make sure you have stability or blind or keep your distance while attacking. Fireflies are much easier to take down and don’t do much damage and will drop Potent Venom Sacs. This farm is more for the crafting materials but you can expect to make around 92 silver and hour.

The second location is in Frostgorge Sound at Slough of Despond waypoint. Head East and then South down the crevice where you will find grawl. The grawl come in 3 types: berserker(melee), shaman(elemental) and trapper(ranger). These guys are pretty easy to group and kill and drop all sorts of tier 5 and 6 crafting materials. You can expect to make around 1.87 gold an hour from this farm.
Have fun with these locations and let us know how you’ve done. Have a farming location you’d like to share or have tested? Leave us a comment!

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  1. "Boars will drop Large Fangs, which doesn’t make sense but they do."

    Boars have large fangs in real world about (15cm), so i think it makes a lot of sense.

    And thaks for the video.

  2. Boars have tusks, not fangs. This is because fangs are within the mouth and tusks are outside the mouth. Wolves, snakes, cats and any other animal is elongated canine teeth within the mouth are fangs. Walruses, elephants and boars have tusks since they are outside of the mouth.

  3. Those are referred to as tusks since they are outside of the mouth. Fangs are within the mouth. :)

  4. Still got nasty fangs just not as many as a tiger but they are omnivores who happen to have some outgrown teeth as well as pointy incisors