Thursday, November 15, 2012

November 15th Update - Lost Shores

The patch that just went live is full of interesting changes. There are many but it is a little late in this part of the world so I thought I'd throw up the notes and see what you guys think. I've cut out the PvP, class and story changes and a few other, non-commerce, non-trading post sections as there is just so much already - even if those sections were full of awesome or noteworthy changes too. 

Personally my eye is drawn to a new type of chest that's temporarily available from the gem store - consortium chest (if this is a new approach for events are Black Lion Chests thoroughly dead now?); the multiple crafting materials (karka shells, passion fruits); changes to the dungeons; and, and, and man there's so much! 

Looking forward to playing, reading your comments and analysing tomorrow and the whole weekend.

Release Notes:
The Lost Shores Update
Something is stirring in the Sea of Sorrows. Ship wreckage is washing up on shore, whales are beaching themselves, local quaggans are leaving their undersea homes, and strange new creatures are being spotted along the Tyrian coast.
Head Researcher Levvi has been pleading with Captain Magnus, leader of the Lionguard, to heed her warnings of imminent danger to the city of Lion’s Arch and other coastal settlements. Magnus remains unconvinced, though the disruption of maritime trade has the Ship’s Council concerned.
Something new is coming ashore in Lion’s Arch at 12:00 p.m. Pacific Time on Friday, November 16. This epic event will change that city forever, even as it introduces an entirely new twist on dungeon play. Come to the defense of Lion’s Arch and race to discover the secret behind a mysterious new menace.
At 12:00 p.m. Pacific Time on Saturday, November 17, the second phase of this epic adventure will take players to a place they’ve never been in Tyria, where they’ll meet a new pet creature and discover previously unknown crafting resources that unlock new recipes and a unique way to upgrade gear.
Join us at 12:00 p.m. Pacific Time on Sunday, November 18 for your chance to take part in an unforgettable, once-in-a-lifetime final event!
  • New dungeon rewards have been added to all dungeons.
  • Each dungeon has a new set of unique items with new stat combinations, ranging in rarity from masterwork to exotic. These items have a chance to drop off of certain bosses in the explorable mode of each dungeon.
  • Story and explorable bosses and encounters have a chance to drop Bags of Wondrous Goods, which contain coins and karma. Bags of Wondrous Goods obtained in explorable mode also contain dungeon tokens.
  • If the owner of a dungeon instance intentionally leaves his party to kick out players and invite new players, it will now also kick that owner out of the dungeon to prevent people from kicking PUG members and inviting guild members for the final boss of a dungeon.
Fractals of the Mists
There are new stories being told in the taverns of Lion’s Arch, usually in hushed tones by broken and bloodied adventurers. They weep into their ales and shake as they speak…not about dragons or the undead, but of something new, a mysterious portal that has emerged in the city, beckoning the bravest to venture through it.
Introducing a dungeon experience like no other—Fractals of the Mists! A series of unique “fractal” minidungeons, increasing in difficulty, offers players unlimited levels of challenge! With great risk comes great rewards, including new weapon sets, a back slot item, new Ascended loot, and much more!
  • New level 80 dungeon with dynamic leveling so you can bring your friends!
  • Endless and scaling. The deeper you go, the harder it gets!
  • The portal to the Fractals of the Mists will activate with the Lost Shores content Friday at 12:30 p.m. Pacific Time. Head west of Fort Marriner to the entrance and try your luck. Perhaps you’ll survive and reap the rewards, or perhaps you’ll be lost forever to the Fractals’ bloody secrets.
There are two new major features added to items in this update. For more detailed information on these features and how they tie into the new Lost Shores content, check out this blog post!
  • Added new crafting materials as part of the Lost Shores update.
  • Crafted Halloween potions are no longer account bound.
  • The mighty Zommoros has slightly increased the drop rate on Legendary precursor weapons from the Mystic Forge from both Rares and Exotics.
  • The drop rarity of Rare and Exotic weapons from certain places in the world (champions, veterans, and players in WvW) has been increased. Rares and Exotics should be much more likely to drop and every champion should be guaranteed to drop loot. This was to ensure that world loot drops were not a significantly worse way of acquiring rare and exotic items than crafting and running dungeons.
  • The amount of loot that drops for downscaled players has been increased. You should now be able to receive level-equivalent loot until you are fighting at a downscaled level that is less than 2/3 of your actual level. You should also receive loot a greater percentage of the time as well as receiving a greater percentage of experience, gold, and karma. For level 80 characters, this means level 55+ areas will be able to drop level 80 gear and give about 75% or so of the other rewards. Previously, these areas would give level 77 gear at best and closer to 60% or so of your rewards.
New Rarity Type: Ascended
  • Ascended rarity falls between Exotics and Legendaries on the rarity spectrum.
  • Ascended items have higher stats than Exotics and come with slots for the new upgrade type, Infusions.
  • Ascended rings and back slot items have been added to the game.
New Upgrade Type: Infusion
  • Infusions are a new type of upgrade component that can only be slotted into a matching Infusion slot.
  • Added 12 new Infusions of the offensive, defensive, and omni types to the game.
  • Create Infusions through the Mystic Forge using new crafting materials.
  • The Fire Elemental encounter in Metrica Province has received a balance pass.
  • The Shatterer encounter in Blazeridge Steppes has been updated.
  • A UI confirmation window will now pop up on large vendor purchases.
  • Players will now be warned if they do not have enough inventory space to acquire an elemental fragment during the Dierdre’s Steps jumping puzzle.
  • Harvesting tools are now account bound.
  • Updated Rune of Water to provide 10% boon duration instead of 15% in PvP.
  • Updated Rune of the Monk to provide 10% boon duration instead of 15% in PvP.
  • Updated Rune of Earth to provide 15% protection duration instead of 20%, and 3 seconds of protection instead of 4 seconds in PvP.
  • Updated Rune of the Citadel to properly grant power instead of healing.
  • Rune of Svanir’s block of ice effect will no longer allow players to capture points while they’re invulnerable. Removing the stun from this effect will remove the invulnerability as well.
  • Rune of Air’s lightningdamage has been reduced by 25%.
  • “Unblockable” skill facts have now been added to various skills.
  • Rune of the Pack’s on-hit effect now works properly.
  • Many skills, items, and traits were applying healing to an infinite amount of targets and have now been limited to 5 targets.
  • You can no longer view opponents’ account names through reporting in WvW.
  • Fixed a bug that caused many piercing, boomerang, and bouncing projectiles (those that hit more than 1 target) to continually increase in damage the more targets they hit.
  • Fixed a bug preventing melee attacks from hitting static objects in the world if the character was not moving. As an example, this should help players using melee in Ascalonian Catacombs to hit graveling burrows, amongst other offending objects.
  • The Consortium Chest has been added to the gem store in the Consumable category for 250 gems each or 10 for 1800 gems. No key is required to open these chests; simply double-click them in your inventory.
    • When you open the Consortium Chest, you will receive some number of crafting materials and one random item.
    • Some items in the chest include: shoulder skins, breathing masks, weapon skins, hats, and minis.
    • All items in the chest are new and have never been available before.
    • Weapon skins are rare, and the minis are very rare.
    • All items can be sold on the Trading Post.
    • The Consortium Chest will only be available for a limited time.
  • All the items found in the Consortium Chest can also be obtained as rare drops from any creature from the new Lost Shores event.
  • The Consortium Dye Kit has been added to the gem store in the Consumable category for 125 gems each or 5 for 500 gems.
    • The Consortium Dye Kit gives one random blue dye and one random yellow dye.
    • The Consortium Dye Kit will only be available for a limited time.
  • Dye Packs now come in bundles of 5 for 800 gems.


  1. Flekk Stoneguard - Sorrows Furnace serverNovember 15, 2012 at 10:33 PM

    Lots a different things we could talk about here but one random thought that came to mind: If Black Lion chests are now dead (which Im guessing they are since the new business model for chests seems like a more effective way for Arena Net to get gamers to buy) means their millions of worthless chests lying around. Prices will tank to close to nothing. I think it might be worth buying (or not offloading what you have). I don't think arena net will just let them sit around indefinitely. They either will bring them back (unlikely) or do some form of mystic forge recipe to remove them from the game. Pure speculation, just thought i'd share. Thoughts on this theory?

    1. I contemplated listing the stacks I have for 5 copper (the price before I logged out) but a quick mental analysis made me conclude holding on is more beneficial:

      I hadn't stocked up on that many;
      There would certainly be a crash (no one would buy, more would undercut) meaning they'd not sell - wasted fee;
      Arenanet will probably do something to get them out of the system.

      The last isn't 100% but they're not taking up that much space for me and I'd rather see if they can make 2 or 3 gold rather than sell now, if they sell at all, for 10 silver.

  2. I figured I'd post this here to help out ya'll from spending all those gems on chests. The mystic forge recipe for consortium chests is 3x skin from consortium chest + passion fruit + karka shell + passion flower = Consortium Chest

    1. Figured this out to. So aktualy i was waiting for the Skins to drop and than see if you can make money by flipping with the chests, but after a few tries i guess the chance to get one of the minis or weapon skins is just to low.

    2. Is this correct?

      It seems a bit strange. I assume a chest drops a single skin - so you'd need the contents of multiple chests to make one.

      Though I'm sure some skins will be worth much more than others.

    3. It is correct. So its a kind of a gamble, that if you have 3 shoulders for example, you throw them in and if you are lucky you can get a rare waeponskin or a minipet. The interestin part ist, that its cheaper at the moment to buy three cheap shoulders than to buy the chest for diamonds.

      And sorry that i ask again (can't find where i asked before) but can i register somewhere here, so i dont have to do the captcha again and again?

    4. I'm pretty sure a google+ or blogger acc removes the captcha - we're also working on a new forum but not quite sure when we'll have that sorted. I'll invite comments in a board too at that point. Forums keep everything neater.

  3. "Create Infusions through the Mystic Forge using new crafting materials."

    This sounds like a good opportunity whoever finds out the ingredients first. My bet is on Mystic coins as part of it, they already rose sharply during the week.

  4. Its Skin + skin + skin + 1 kraka shell = chest (skins need to be different ie. 1 med, 1 heavy, 1 light)

    so far this works for shoulders/aqua breathers

    1. That works too? I just did it we 3 Skinns of the same kind plus 3 other ingrediants (see post on top)

    2. yeah this works, can confirm this recipe

  5. those chests are not worth it, even if you craft them, you loose at least 60s, usually get one item worth 20s back

  6. I'm hearing that 60 + rares in the Mystic Forge can produce 80 exotics. I'm not sure of the veracity of this source but it may be possible - expect a run on rares if so (they're about 7 silver at that level)

    1. I ran a few quick tries at this and have got a 66 exotic from 60 rares - that's normal as far as I know.

      I think it's probably safe to debunk this but I'll try a few more times.

    2. I can confirm there's nothing really interesting to report here - no real changes (definitely no 80 items creeping in). 71 was the highest. Rare not exotic.

  7. Here a link with all the Ingredients of the recipes..

    So you can start speculating with ingredientswill rise.. it´s definitly too much information for me, so if some could help out XD

    Not sure if the recipes are out there, but the "results" are coming in, mabye from the new chests? Some are definitly awesome.

    I was confused about the karka shells, they double the price form yesterady to today, I thought it would be other way around because more and more will come into the market, but I guess the use of it is larger as the suply atm?


  8. still early but very interested to keep this convo going

    1. It'll all kick off in about 2 or 3 hours and proper information overload begins. For now the recipes linked above are good speculation - they seem to be mostly Karka shell (apothecary gear) - I'd love to know the buffs from the food

  9. sitting on my 1200 putrid essences... candy corn here i come ;)

  10. on a side note I stocked up on glazed peach/pear tarts when they where 8c/15c respectively, just sold out at 45c/70c from my 15 gold investment...not a bad way to turn a profit