Thursday, November 8, 2012

Frostgorge Sound Minotaur Farm

Howdy y'all! Totally Kreweless brings you another rootin' tootin' episode of the Farmer's Almanac for your farming pleasure. This episode is all about minotaurs and Vials of Potent Blood so grab your lassos and thick leather gloves because we are heading out to Frostgorge Sound!

Frostgorge Sound is in the middle of the map to the far north and the waypoint we are interested in is Arundon, which is the most southern waypoint in the zone. The farm itself requires you to be at least 70 but the preferred level is 72+ as you will be fighting more than one mob at a time for the most part.

Though this is not a huge money maker, it is a great farm if you're planning on maxing out any of your crafting professions as it drops a rare crafting material called Vial of Potent Blood. These sell from around 40-50 silver which isn't a lot but these will stack very quickly with this farm. With no diminished returns, you can make around 90 silver an hour at about 8-10 minutes a rotation once your know the route. So as stated before, this is not a huge money maker but it's decent enough to add to your farming rotation if you've hit DR at Cursed Shore or at the Plinx events.

So throw on your cowboy hat and spurs and wrangle yourself some minotaurs, partners!

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1 comment:

  1. Yes, not one of the more profitable farms, but worth it for me because I keep hitting that fing farming debuff!