Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Join Us On Facebook, Google Plus and Our Upcoming Forums

With the Lost Shores event over and the ancient karka put to rest my Guild Wars 2 work schedule has been returning to normal. This means working on the site and trying to spread the locations which our good community can call home (yes I have been listening to your complaints about the captcha in the comments section!) 

Today I've set up a Facebook page and tweaked the google plus page. Now, I know not everyone uses these two social media platforms and, perhaps you dislike them. But what I want to do is help spread the word about the community we're building (nothing spreads like social media in this day and age) and give you guys  a way to get more involved in the site. 

I've said that we're happy to host guest posts but Facebook pages and google plus pages give you even more options - post links; post images; post videos of you earning money or playing - there's lots of scope for some nice sharing, which is what these sites are all about. 

And I see this as just the beginning. I'm working on getting a forum set up - hopefully this week and hopefully one that we can get Facebook sign up working with to minimise the accounts and logins you guys will need when trying to join the discussion. The strengths of a forum are obvious to me (I'm a bit old school in that way) and, again, it's a way for you guys to share content without it going through me as a filter before being posted on the blog. 

I'll be continuing the blog as normal but I see these posts as starting points for discussion. In fact some of the best insights - over the past two Guild Wars 2 events while I've been in charge of the site - have popped up in the comments sections!

And continuing the theme of getting you guys involved in this community and the collection of sites I want to be linked together within it, I'd like to ask for your feedback: 

  • What content would you like to see in the forums? 
  • Gold making will always be a primary focus but what about other categories - like subforums to share PvP/PvE tips; videos; builds and the like?
  • Are there any other directions you'd like to see the community move in?

Answers in the comments below or on Facebook or Google +

PS don't forget that 'like' button :) 


  1. crafting sub forums would be cool. crafting can kinda be considered gold making if you do it right so I think it fits well enough.

    and wow that captcha is terrible...

  2. I would like start with few sub-forums and add new ones depending on which topics are discussed in detail. I've seen many forums with empty subforums.
    Trading Post
    - short term profits (e.g. flipping)
    - long term strategies (e.g. speculation)
    Crafting section
    - professions
    - special crafting (Mystic Forge)

    Those 4 are the main money-sources in GW2 known to me. Maybe we need a 5th section for special events and offers limited by time like the new chests.

  3. my only regret so far is not buying more than 40 stacks of chocolate bars when they were at 2c....

    1. Chocolate and butter may yet do fine things for those invested in them when they reduced the drop rate ^^

  4. I am also Old School and like Forums much more. Sadly, nowadays you reach much more people thru facebook and such. But thats one of my concerns aswell, I may sound anti-social and egoistic, but thanks to the universal tp, the more gold making strategies spread, the less profit they make or rended them useless. So I like to keep the community small ^^


    1. I know what you mean but - having worked with these game economies for years now I have to say that one technique or a collection of techniques isn't what makes people rich - it's an understanding of the economy and an awareness of where cash flows to and from within the system.

      Markets correct themselves - no one method will last. If you know how the market will act though, you can predict (to an extent) movements and get in early - before the masses know. Indeed, you can RELY on the masses finding out about a technique and trying it and you can enjoy the spikes of the late investors.

      A lot of the paid guides and sites use this as their stick and carrot "We're putting a paywall up so that people don't slip our "great secrets!"" and in reality they've got those secrets from others sharing. Anything that works in a site or guide you pay for exists elsewhere first and/or is actually an exploit.

      So, in short, I'm all for openness in this community. Besides, it's not likely the entire fanbase of GW2 will follow whatever advice we cook up together here or in the boards. A small percent of players will actually venture outside the game to check related resources.

      This comment was so long it might just make a good post ^^

    2. Thank You for your reply. =)