Wednesday, November 14, 2012

If You'd Like To Contribute To Guild Wars 2 Riches You Can

I've been contacted a few times by users asking if they can contribute more. We're working on a new forum (after the debacle with the old one) and we hope to bring a lot of unique, quality discussion to that area. But in the meantime, aside from comments, we're very, very open to guest posts. 

A guest post is where you write something and it gets posted on another blog. Maybe you're a blogger and want to do an exchange of posts (we can talk about that possibility) or maybe you have no blog but have ideas or specific speculation you want to share with a larger audience. 

Either way I'm very happy to be involved with the community on that level. It helps spread the word of what we're doing here. It helps build on the already excellent Guild Wars 2 community (with a shared link to your own site). It means you as a reader get top quality, varied content. 

Just get in touch (contact page or and we can chat about what your ideas are and where we can fit you in.

That's not a lot to comment on below so I'll also drop in some changes that are going on in the economy: 

Tier 6 mats (scales in particular) are on the increase nearly universally. Speculation is rife.
Black Lion Chests have dropped a little again as speculators got nervous/uncertain.

I find the scale increase most interesting. A very logical post by Flekk Stoneguard on our last speculation post posited that scales will be dropping from the Karka and I'm inclined to agree. 

Then again, the counter argument (driving prices up) is that the new recipes - there could be quite a lot - will require tier 6 mats together with the new tier. Given we're getting a 'nautical' theme it's also logical to imagine we'll be crafting nautical items with nautical materials. 

Additionally, there's never as many of the totems, blood, scales, fangs etc on the TP at any one point. A rush on these can have a pretty big effect on their price.

As usual, ideas and discussion (on both elements to today's post) welcome below! 


  1. There is zero chance I will even touch tier 6 scales for the simple reason of I believe they will be very abundant in the lost shores. Just my opinion.

  2. What i learned from Halloween:
    Always sell before an update goes live :-P
    Sitting on my ancient bones and putrid essences and willing to sell them on friday before the event starts.
    I just don't believe theres anything coming which lets prices increase that much :-P
    The Value of my Investments almost doubled in one week, i shouldn't start being greedy ^^

    1. I agree... I ended up being CORRECT on my predictions that Ghost Peppers would be in the halloween recipes, and the item they make is pretty decent. And still, they dropped like a anvil in a bay after the update went live. However, I agree with a poster on another topic that Ruby Orbs may go up as the dungeon goes on. I'm also betting on Opal Orbs. With a new dungeon full of treasures, I'm hoping Magic Find will get a boost.

      I think I agree with the post on Scales though... I think there may be a spike if the recipes call for them, so I may sit on what I have for now. (Actually, sold a bunch at 40s each last night, when the supply briefly dried up!)

      Lastly, how about Seaweed? Cheap, under-utilized, Level 400, and Sea-themed... Sushi anybody?

    2. I'm doubtful about orbs.
      In my opinion they are cheap because ectos are expensive.

      I had some thoughts about Seaweed, it's cheap and the chance to be used is high, theres only one studpid recipe for a salad at the moment.
      BUT Lost Shores are Shores there will be a bunch of seaweed.

  3. Flekk Stoneguard - Sorrows Furnace serverNovember 14, 2012 at 9:33 PM

    According to the GW2 forums tier6 mats are rising due to bot crack downs (im sure Lost Shores speculation is apart of it though), but if the botting part is true, these prices may continue to rise post Lost Shores release. Thoughts?

  4. Yaso,

    Can you explain two things for me?
    - "Sitting on my ancient bones and putrid essences and willing to sell them on friday before the event starts." Meaning? You have to sell them just before the event? Am I missing something about these items? Are they used in new upcoming recipe's?
    - "The Value of my Investments almost doubled in one week, i shouldn't start being greedy ^^" Which are these? The Bones + essences?


    1. You are missing nothing, its only speculation.
      What we saw on Halloween was that the things people speculated on were nothing worth at the end.
      So sell the things before people know if that items have a value after the patch.
      For example when people speculated on pumpkins, my first thought was when they went over 2s:
      Why should there be Halloween food which is better than onmnombars?!
      So i prefer to take a nice bonus instead of a big fat minus on my account :-)

      Most of my invenstments were on ancient bones, i bought thousands of them at 22c three days ago.
      But never forget if you have a huge amount of items sell them in little stacks, if you dump all of your items at once people freak out and the price drops :-P
      I chose putrid essence because its T6 but near vendorprice, i always have hundreds of them because they could rise and if not i actually only lose 5% of my invested gold.
      The rest of my investments are long term like eggs or oranges and other christmas related food, they start to pay off.