Thursday, November 22, 2012

Gold Guru - Mystic Forge Gold Making w/ Rare Weapons

I used the Mystic Forge for the first time ever yesterday.  Does that make me a newb? Raydon here with the ShoddyCast and it's time for another episode of Gold Guru.  For better or for worse we put every Guild Wars 2 Trading Post strategy to the test.  This week sees a Mystic Forge strategy.  Specifically, purchasing rare level 60-65 items in batches of 4, then tossing them into ye old Mystic Forget to see what comes out the other end (that's what she said).

So, my fellow Guru Kornuit didn't lie.  Although this is a gamblers method, because it has to rely on chance, it is a viable way to make gold; that is if you can get your 60-65 rare weapons for cheap- around 3-5 silver.  The items I tested within that price range did consistently well.  The moment I would step out of that zone, and into the 6-7 silver price range, my risk went up and my reward became my loss.  Although the tests I ran didn't see it happen, you do have the chance of hitting it big with a nice exotic weapon.  The gamblers out there will particularly like this strategy's element of chance.

Guild Wars 2 Mystic Forge Gold Making Strategy

x4 Berserker'sHammer of Blood = Berserker's Hammer of Water = 1s41c (profit after TP share) +4.7%
x4 Berserker's Focus of Debility = Berserker's Focus of Serpent Slaying = 6s96c (profit after TP share) +20.2%
x4 Shaman's Norn Trident of Water = Rampager's Trident of Blood = -4s22c (loss after TP share) -18.3%

Took four more tests besides the ones listed above, but I'm too lazy to list them out too.  SCREW YOU.  I don't get paid for this.  In summary stick with rare 60-65 weapons below 5 silver and you'll be fine.  Venture  outside of that at your own risk, because I incurred a loss every time.

Thanks for tuning in for this episode of Gold Guru.  Don't forget to 'Like' and 'Subscribe' and all that good stuff.  It means a lot.  Until next time, this has been Raydon with the ShoddyCast Channel.  PEACE!

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  1. Nice i found a few for about 5 silver and was able to make a quick 8 silver profit. Not something you can do all day but i'll defiantly keep checking from them whenever im at the tp. love your guys series btw. Keep it up!

  2. People seeing this need to read the next post in the series. You need to use buy orders to fund these types of methods (taking stuff from the trading post to sell for profit) because otherwise you are just driving up the cost for the item without making a substantial profit.

    Using buy orders can make it a more sustainable source of income and let other people take advantage with it too. In that respect, don't undercut in selling either...again, read the next post in the series here.

  3. If you put in lvl 65 rare weapons, chance are you will get a lvl 68+ rare weapon. You can then salvage that for Ectos instead of selling it. You will probably end with more gold.

    And, if you have bought underwater weapons, try mixing three of them with another weapon type: there is a chance to get a non-underwater weapon, worth a lot more.

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