Thursday, November 29, 2012

Farmer's Almanac - Wolf Farming in Fireheart Rise

Hello fellow farming enthusiasts. Totally Kreweless returns with another farming location for you all to try out.

Fireheart Rise is this week's destination so head on up to northern Tyria and visit Breaktooth's Waypoint. Head north from there to meet up with some killer level 69 wolves. As you'll be down-leveled to 71, you should have no problem rounding up a few wolves at a time. Don't forget that wolves can summon another wolf to aid them which can quickly double their numbers overwhelming you. The main thing we are farming for are Large Claws and Large Fangs. You can expect around 30 of each every hour on top of several blue and green items with a rare or two thrown into the mix. If you tire of the wolves, head into the caverns to take out some separatists for their salvageable container bags. Expect to get around 1 gold an hour or at least save you some money on crafting should you need those crafting materials. Have fun, guys!

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  1. Unfortunately you can find bots here stealing your kills.You can try to pull the champion wolf to attack them but after 15/30 second it will respawn.disapponting :(

  2. first off report the bots.

    And second there isn't really any "kill stealing" in GW2. just hit them a few times and you still get loot you only have to take 5% of a mobs health to "tag" it and get loot.

  3. I think a better time spent would be farming karkas in the lost shores. Farming wolves for fangs doesnt seem worth it since there not worth that much. if you farm Karkas you may atleast get some powerful bloods. And an added bonus is the Karkas shells. there seems to be quit a demand for them.

  4. I dont think 1g/hour is worth it.

    Guildmate with 125% mf farmed barracudas in the lost shores for 2,5 hours for armored scales and some powerfull blood.. made 12g. Almost 5g per hour. I wasnt that lucky.. but I dont have much MF.