Wednesday, November 7, 2012

7th November Mini Patch - Would You Like To See More Patch Analysis?

I don't usually post patch notes but I'm leaning towards doing so because sometimes, hidden among them, you find changes that will affect what's happening within the trading post. 

The 7th November patch isn't a good example of this - they just removed the candycorn nodes that randomly pop up on your screen and then disappear. 

But check out this general section from an older (but still recent) update as an example: 

General Patch Changes 7th October
  • Fixed a bug in targeting that was causing left-dragging to deselect/select targets incorrectly.
  • Fixed a bug in targeting that was allowing users to deselect all targets using the select next target functionality.
  • Fixed a bug with human female sword and pistol animations.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing quickness to get stuck on players and enemies indefinitely.
  • Fixed the Mystic Forge recipe for Melandru’s Gaze that was rewarding the Mystic Staff instead.
  • Fixed a potential bug with skill challenge conversations not closing for all parties speaking with the NPC.
  • Fixed a bug in weaponsmith Destroyer recipes being swapped for Valkyrie and Berserker weapons.
  • Fixed the Mystic Forge recipes for platinum and mithril ingot conversion taking cloth bolts instead of the appropriate ingots. This also fixes the issue with linen and silk bolt conversion recipes sometimes rewarding ingots.
  • Fixed the Mystic Forge recipe for Immobulus requiring a defunct item. It now requires giant eyes instead.
  • Fixed a bug with Rune of Divinity that was causing it to do 50% more critical damage than listed.
  • Removed laughing audio from crafting stations in Divinity’s Reach.
  • Raised the maximum karma limit.
  • Superior Rune of the Adventurer is now set to give 50% of endurance on heal.
  • The character select screen now reflects hidden armor choices.
  • Updated Rune of Earth and Rune of the Grove to have a 25% chance to grant 4 seconds of protection and 30-second recharge for superior runes, with 45-second recharge for major runes.
  • We’ve relaxed our anti-exploiting system for loot and events.
I've highlighted the changes that had/will continue to have an impact on the economy (small or large) in red. 

I'm testing the water and I'd like your feedback on posts like this - do you think patch notes make for interesting discussion? There's other places to get the information but perhaps not the same kind of predictions we're enjoying here.

There's also one more thing that drew my eye, the new mini banner for The Lost Shores in the GW2 launcher:

The link "learn more" takes you here which I'm sure a few of you have seen already. 

Right now the information there is sparse, but it's bound to fill up with information - another source to check. You might learn a thing or two about changes that'll have yet more ripples spreading through the Guild Wars 2 economy! 

I'm loving how active Arenanet are with this game on many fronts. 


  1. It sounds like a good idea to me. Most of the time the updates are uninteresting and dull but there are nuggets of "good to know" info in there. More information can only benefit us. -Joey2beers

  2. Posting Patchnotes is a nice idea.
    I'm looking through patchnotes everytime.
    While Halloween i made a lot of gold by buying herbs and selling them after because the patchnotes said decreased droprates.

    All T5 and T6 increased for example blood 3x.
    I got no idea why the price raised but i got rid of all.

    Something i learned from Halloween: Buy frequently used materials like ori before events because they rise when there is noone to gather them.
    But in case of lost shores i would sell t5 and t6 materials before it starts, i think there will be many players there so there will be much more offers.

    1. The T5 and T6 materials increased as a result of a massive ban-wave it seems. See this topic by their economist:

      Just too bad I didn't notice this earlier as you could have made a lot of money with this. Also I think you're right about selling the materials now, as the price will start to drop again with the lost shores event coming up and prices stabilizing overall.

  3. I do find this very interesting... especially to be discussed here! Where do you find patch notes? I never figured out where to track these down...

    1. 3 'upvotes' is good enough for me - I'll keep my eyes peeled for future patch notes and we'll see what trends we can plot with the information

  4. Don't mean to whinge, but the halloween items are continually starting to plummet. When do you think it would rise back up? If its another 6 months then the investment would not be so worthwhile as an active investor anyway.
    Thanks for the great posts and tips as well!

    1. It could be as long as 6 months - I hope I made it clear it was a long term investment from the beginning.

      That'll be 6 months to a nice profit though. You might see spikes within a month or two (depending on the material/item in question).

      If you want to free up your invested money and work more actively, keep your eyes peeled for those spikes.

      PS There's one outlier possibility that will really speed things up - if Arenanet introduce a temporary mystic forge recipe that accepts 250 Candy Corn as one (or maybe 3) of it's 4 ingredient slots. I'm not convinced they'll do this and didn't plan on it when investing and writing. It's not impossible though.

  5. Where do you get those patchnotes from?
    In the forum it simply says "• Raw candy corn nodes will no longer periodically appear in game."

    1. I used these notes (7th October's if I remember right) as an example - that's why I wrote "recent update". I wanted to find recent notes with item changes hidden amongst them.

      The actual notes for this update are shorter (exactly what you quoted) and not very illustrative for the purpose of this post.

    2. I'm actually going to edit the layout so that's really clear :)

  6. Yeah i think we should diskuss it here. Updatenotes are aktually one of the most important thinks to have your eyes on. Most of the time than you have to be really fast but if you are, you can make massiv amounts of money. I remember when Anet wanted to get rid of the massiv amounts of some materials so they added these temporary mystic forge recipes.
    I still have a trauma from these day. I was trading with iron ores at tthis time and i had 50.000 of them in stock. ONE day before they released the update i sold them for 7c. ONE FUCKING DAY after the price was on 38c... I had them in stock for more than a week but this one damn day...

    By the way can i register here somewhere so i dont have to write this captcha (which is sometimes really hard to read) every time?

    1. Yeah I think you can respond from a number of profiles - if you click on the 'reply as' drop down box below. If you've signed up to them you should be able to skip the captcha to reply each time.

  7. Kind of off topic..but I invested in about 10 corrupted lodestones back when there were 55-60s now they are 1g10s-1g-20s and easily going to rise...I guess I just saw the prices of all the other stones where much higher then the corrupted price..and considering corrupted stones are hard to come by thought screw it I will just buy a few see what happens. I wish I bought more now lol