Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Power Of Alts When Farming

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Enough talk of investments for now. A truly successful economic plan needs diversity. Once you have your funds invested in a series of niches and you have an idea of when the price will peak what do you do until then? What's a good way to get money steadily and regularly? 

In Guild Wars 2 - maybe more than any other MMO - farming is an excellent way of making money. Shoddycast - in their most recent top notch farming post talk about farming in two level ranges - high level and low level - and I think this is really important and I'll tell you why. 

Farming in a game is, traditionally, a tedious task. It's something that you're doing for an end goal (profit) rather than for the fun of activity itself.  I like that GW2 is a bit different. The combat is always fun for me. It takes a lot of the tedium out of farming. But even so, I do get bored on my main in Orr.

When I do I switch to another profession. Mixing things up keeps you feeling fresh and lets you play longer. And, welp, I'm an altoholic so I get a lot of benefits from combining levelling and farming. It's efficient. Efficiency and farming go hand in hand.

In a lot of games, playing content below the level cap is a big loss.  That time is time you could spend farming on your main. But in GW2 alt levelling isn't just efficient, it's still pretty profitable. 

For example, while Orr will always come out tops for drops, check the TP. Compare the prices of copper, iron, platinum and mithril. Right now the total difference between the lowest tier and the highest tier is about 9 copper. Picking up every node in a low level area will net you almost as much as the nodes in Orr. Not counting Orichalcum of course.

Even when talking about Ori, there are benefits to alts. If you level an alt enough - so that you've more than 1 level 80 - you can harvest those top tier nodes multiple times. Because of the time invested levelling it's not a "tactic" to earn profit - not everyone has that kind of time - but it's a pretty nice cherry on top if you like levelling alts anyway.

So whether you're on your existing main and haven't reached 80 yet, or you're on a newly created alt enjoy the levelling process and have fun. Follow the hearts, DEs and explore. Just make sure to pick up harvesting tools and get those nodes.

Oh that's right...

I can't forget about the loyal, monogamous gamers out there. Those guys and girls who don't like alts but prefer character and one character only for life. You guys can benefit from the "theory" of alt farming too. 

Have you explored the whole map yet? Play in zones where you still need to chase 100% completion and gather the low level nodes. Do you like PvP? Enter a borderland and keep your eyes peeled for copper, iron and other low level material nodes. 

The principle of alt farming is efficiency and beating tedium. When Orr is getting too tedious, move on. You'll find the money feels like it's rolling in easier. Farming is a state of mind!


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  1. Also an iron or copper mining pick costs much less than an orichalcum one ;)