Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Mad King's Clocktower ...

I can explain your honour, I can explain! I'll tell you exactly why I didn't post anything intriguing or informative the other day... 

I had to complete it. I couldn't give in. I'm stubborn like that... even though it's not necessary to do this for the overall event achievement.

Now I have no real urge to do it over and over (though anyone who completes it has to get really good at it and it is fun - like an old school very hard platformer) but you can do this with MF gear on for lots of Trick or Treat bags after you loot the Mad King's Slippers the first time. 

It's < 3 minutes a run (or you'll already have failed) so in that sense it's not bad farming. It's certainly novel. 

A better alternative though is the dungeon. Get 4 like minded individuals and you can run this real fast with a chance at exotics in the chest at the end. It takes no more than 15 or 20 minutes once you get in the groove. 

I hear rumour's that there's also a chance at really rare items - the Halloween items. So that's definitely worth doing if you've lots of time and have already made all the Halloween investments you care to.

How are you guys spending the last few days of the event? I highly recommend giving the clock tower a bash - for me nothing has felt as good in GW2 so far!


  1. I haven't completed it yet but I'm off of work tomorrow and plan on investing the time it takes. I've been leveling my alts in the labyrinth. With a couple exp buffs it can really go fast. - Joey2beers

  2. It's no rumor... I just got the Mad Moon exotic shield in a MK dungeon run. Now I need to decide if I should hold, or sell now. Thoughts?

    1. Grats! That's awesome. Personally I'd hold onto it - it's one of the more desirable models and I don't see the demand fading that much after the event finishes.

    2. Thanks for the advice! (I was one the obsessing over ghost chilies earlier... lets just say I didn't sell in time and I'm looking to make it up... lol)

      Another little tip for anyone running that dungeon: The Mad King himself drops 1+ items, and I've gotten a few gold-level rares off him. BUT, they seem to disappear with his body, and he vanishes almost the moment he hits the floor. So I usual make a point to stand right next to him when his health is very low, ready to hit the loot button.

  3. Took me 5 freaking hours to complete this beast!!! :P
    I may try to do some MK run today and tomorrow.

  4. clock tower is pure evil. and i managed to get it in under one hour. plus, i was pretty pissed when i foudn out that the boots are soulbound.
    but of course, as it is with all things hard to get, it felt amazing to finish it.
    i would recommend watching a video how to do it though.
    or you might stand in a particular spot like an idiot until the goo gets you.

  5. its rly worth to do mk. got 2 exotics in 5 runs today and 1 yesterday:D (sadly no halloween item^^)

  6. Took me a few hours to get up the clocktower too! However once I got up there it was pretty easy to keep getting up there. ;) Alas, I didn't spot any doors leading into that realm yesterday so I spent it bashing the Mad King himself hehe!

    Any tips on what to do with a chainsword skin?