Friday, October 5, 2012

The crazy stupid truth about making gold in Guild Wars 2

A different approach to making gold.

Since I began writing for this site I have written countless posts highlighting gold-making tips for Guild Wars 2. There are going to be thousands more gold making tips that come out as long as people are still playing Guild wars 2. The key in all this is that people still must be playing Guild Wars 2 though. A lot of the tips that I've written and help people make at least a baseline amount of gold to get them started in the game. I've even received a few e-mails from people stating that the tip I gave was a bit too difficult for them to understand – which is completely fine, don't be discouraged.

The crazy stupid truth about making gold in Guild Wars 2 is that it's not all that intensive in reality. Telling you to go out and buy bags, open them and then sell the components from within them really isn't all that much different than telling you to go out and farm the items for yourself and place them on the trading post. Sure there's one extra step, but realistically you're doing the same thing. With one you are buying the goods before hand and then have to subtract that from your total at the end. The other you're just removing that aspect of it and taking straight profits.

The crazy stupid truth about making gold in Guild Wars 2 is that always comes down to creating a gap in the numbers between cost to craft something and the cost at which you're able to sell an item. That is all you need to understand to make gold in Guild Wars 2. It doesn't matter what you are doing you only need to concern yourself with widening that gap. If you can get an item for nothing [farming it yourself] then you've already made that gap as wide as it can be right? Wrong. When you do that you can begin to play the markets and wait for prices to rise and fall.

The crazy stupid truth about making gold in Guild Wars 2 is that you need to always be aware that you are dealing with the ultimate competition. You are dealing with everyone else in the world. You are dealing people who are grouped up and working as an entire guild. You are working against people who may trade stocks and such professionally. You are working against people who may have nothing else to do with their time except play Guild Wars 2. What I am trying to say is that it is going to be more difficult than you may be used to if you are coming from a different MMO, but it isn't impossible by any stretch of the imagination.

I write this post because I have had numerous people e-mail or contact me in various other ways stating that they are having a bit of trouble making gold because the prices of items are just out of whack at the moment. They thought that since prices are at a +1c state that making gold would be impossible. It's really not. Just utilize all the strategies you find on this site. Rather than focus on how to carry out the strategy focus on how you can utilize that strategy while having the lowest possible costs. Perhaps thinking about your plans in that way will make gold-making a bit easier for you guys.

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  1. Check all the ores on Copper has gone down alot and all the others up alot in the past week. Whats your analysis?