Thursday, October 11, 2012

Major Announcement - New Owners Of + Collectors Edition Competition

We’re the new owners of known as Craig and Chris.

We’re both massive guild wars 2 fans and we couldn’t let a popular site like this gather dust. It deserves content – lots of it. Lovely, juicy content. We aim to provide that content to you.
Initially you’ll notice little change with our take over except, perhaps, a change in literary voice as we start unleashing our own style of blog postage on you.
In the next few weeks and months though, we hope to get some changes in motion. Plus we will be running a competition for Guild Wars 2 Collectors Edition
1) We want to give the site a redesign.
2) We want to incorporate software and apps into the site itself.
3) We want to make this place a hub for people interested in riches in guild wars and there are many riches in this game – we can only stop playing to dedicate ourselves to this site!

4) A revamped forum
So expect more of the same for hopefully as long as Guild Wars 2 continues being awesome – and we think that’s going to be a long time!
Oh and the competition? You see, we bought one too many Guild Wars Collector’s Editions and, well, we’re giving one away!

Details on how to win coming soon...
Craig & Chris


  1. I am very much looking forward to seeing what you guys have planned! Congrats and good luck!

  2. How much did the website cost?

  3. Welcome...:D please fill it will all gold making method !!!

  4. Really glad to see this site is going to continue, and winning a collector's edition is an even better bonus^^

  5. Hi guys. Great to hear that Guild Wars 2 Riches isnt going to be left to die, I have been following it since Gw2 come out. I look forward to more great content from you guys.

    1. We got a whole bunch of cool stuff planned in future. GW2 isnt going anywhere. Craig and I are also two completely different types of characters when it comes to GW2. For example i like to have my warrior geared up with cool stuff but give him a bright pink helm. You see any warrior running about with a bright pink helm its probably me so dont stone me lol I like to go out explore and see what trouble I can get myself into and enter wvwvw of course.

      Craig is a much better all round player than myself and fully understands the mechanics of the game, from gearing up right to making the trading post your bitch.

      We will take a few weeks getting shit together on this site and getting everything organized then hopefully can setup some live streams etc

      In the mean time we will have some cracking posts coming your way soon.

  6. Glad to see the website being picked up! I'll look forward to new content. Best of luck.

  7. Hey Chris and Craig! Josh and Kyle from the ShoddyCast. Glad to hear our little GW2Riches community won't be dieing off any time soon. Thanks for taking up the charge. I have a question for the new owners. One of the things that made this community site great was Adam's open invitation for guest posting. Will you guys adopt that? We'd like to continue to post our Gold Guru episodes every Thursday for the good peoples here on GW2Riches!

    1. I Agree!Keep guest posting.It brings a lot of flavor to the site.That and I want more goldguru!

    2. Yes, we see no reason to stop contributions from community guests :)