Thursday, October 25, 2012

Mad King Chests

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So the recipe for Mad King Chests went in overnight. You can use the following mystic forge recipe to create these chests from the contents of holiday Black Lion Chests

1 x Candycorn
6 x Mystery Tonic
1 x Booster
1 x Booster

The chests themselves are another lottery ticket - another roll of the dice like the original black lion chests. This is different from how I suspected they'd resolve this. It's good and bad. I'll explain why. 

It's bad because, if you're a fantastically unlucky person like me, approximately 100 chests of various sorts gave you no weapon or shoulder skin :) 

It's good because there are still no guarantees. It also looks like the low, low rate was not tweaked. This means it is worth holding onto these skins for a few weeks or a month and checking the price peaks. 

Originally I thought they'd allow an 'exchange' service -150 tonics and 15 assorted boost tokens for a greatsword skin. I'm quite happy they didn't (from an economical point of view). 

Another thing of note: the mad king chests also drop materials - the very materials I've began hoarding! Plus a few lower level glacial/charged crafting mats.

That's not the full haul from the 23 chests but it's nearly the lot. 

As you can see, it's probably not worth it to buy keys for chests at the moment. You could buy these materials at a much better rate directly. Even with this secondary method of gaining items and another chance at a weapon skin the chests feel a bit disappointing. Hopefully it doesn't change our gem > gold holiday even flipping strategy.

If you are like me and experimented with the chests then this is definitely advisable (just don't use your best boosts that can be handy for levelling alts or gaining more karma). 


PS be sure and check out this week's Shoddycast post if you haven't already. Farming never sleeps! 


  1. I feel like if I don't bail on my investment of nearly 5,000 candy corn now , I'm gonna lose my ass. Is this just my old friend paranoia ? - Joey2beers

    1. It might be, but it's always best to reason it out - what reasons do you have for thinking candy corn won't at least maintain it's value? What did you buy most of the corn for?

    2. More as an investment in the future rarity and Disireability for the item they created.. Problem 1. There are absolutely tons on the market for 10c. And 2. The disireabilty is not there. I'm praying they jump up after Halloween but I'm quite skeptable.-Joey2beers

    3. I'll actually make my answer to this a post today - it's getting quite lengthy :)

      The tl;dr of it will be: Candy corn will still be used after halloween and it will not be available anywhere. Even with investors stockpiling it will not be as cheap as it is now. It is, however, a long term investment - months.

  2. Haha, second chest and I got some heavy pauldrons. I checked the TP and they're about 75s at the moment, do you think it's worth waiting until after the event? I fell like the hype will have gone and no-one will want to buy them any more. Particularly since they're pauldrons, rather than a giant chainsaw.

    1. I'm actually stockpiling a few of these - I can only see them getting more expensive!