Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Holiday Black Lion Chests

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A number of you guys have reported great success with gem flippage and I think it'll be a solid technique going into each event. When gems have reached a low point a month or a few weeks before Halloween, Chrismas (and any other event Arenanet cares to bring to us), invest in them and wait until the first few days of the event in question. 

I had one concern about this in future events - RNG. As I discussed in the excellent comment section of yesterday's post, I 'experimented' with about 60 keys - and I got about 10 back from the chests opened. 70 chests opened - not one sign of a Halloween skin or item. 

But that's okay! It was a gamble and I wrote off my experiment. Then I noted a lot of others complaining. If enough people are angry about this, the word will spread 'chests aren't ever worth keys - even during events'. This has a large knock on effect on gem prices and I was concerned we'd end up without this nice event flipping. 

Then I found this from the NA community team lead: 

Hey, everyone. As mentioned earlier in this thread, the team has taken on board your feedback and concerns.
We’d recommend not throwing away or selling the items you’ve been receiving in the Black Lion Chests, as we’ll be providing ways in which those items can be used to obtain Halloween-related items…
We’ll have further updates when they become available.Thank you again for all your feedback.
Rejoice! Gems will most likely increase even more when new events roll round (if this model is copied to future events). If X chests ALWAYS gets you enough to exchange for an event themed skin then gem flipping could well become a super means of doubling your gold.  We shall see. 

BUT there is something any of you lucky enough to be holding a weapon (to sell) needs to do now: 

Get rid of it on the TP before prices are reduced!

I imagine anyone who spent ~ $20 on gems is going to be able to get 1 x skin in this exchange. That of course could be way off the actual requirements for a skin via black lion chest item exchange but nevertheless halloween skins are going down in price. 

Keep the comments coming! They've been great the past few days. I'm going to finish up my work assigned for today and get in game and see what's changing/moving in the economy. 



  1. Okay - top tip for the moment (paid off for me overnight):

    Put in buy requests for pieces of candy corn at 15 copper or below (change that price if they get cheaper during the event).

    I just picked up 250 more for 15 copper each (and they're 25 - 30 now).

    These will be worth much more post halloween.

  2. I received a medium shoulderpad skin from one of my chests. I only opened 11. So the best guess would be to sell it now? I think the price was 1.5g and not keeping it in my bank for a few months?

    1. You raise a good point actually - there are two options.

      If you intended to see how high the price would go while the item was hyped and rare from chests - sell now before the reduction kicks in.

      If you intended to hold onto the skin for months to see if it became more desirable, that could still be viable but it's a gamble.

      The change means there'll be more of these on the market - which means more supply (reduced price) until the numbers are bought and transmuted to items.

      If they all go quick and remain popular (and you can't get anymore past halloween) you could make more money in a few months.

  3. In the past 3 days we saw GEM rates sky rocket? WHY? WHY? WHY? Well, the reason for this is the holiday season! People who previously had no costumes or potions to transform are forced to convert gold into gems or buy them. That and the fact they need to buy keys to open Black Lion Chests caused gem prices to rise highly. Anyone who jumped into the Gem market before the holiday made off like a thief. Assuming they had enough capitol (gold) to buy enough gems to make a hefty profit :)

    1. And it looks like arenanet want to help make this trend repeat itself each event :)

    2. The Gems even skyrocketed before the event. About 3 weeks ago I upgrade my bank and had to use about 2.3g (for 600 gems)
      Last week I wanted to upgrade again and checked the rate for 2g, it was 300 gems dead on....
      An of course just a day or 2 ago it was 2g for 200 gems.

      I guess I'll wait a little while to upgrade my bank.


    Looks like they inserted a brand new skin

    1. Interesting!

      Will wait to see when this goes live :)

    2. Recipe for Mad Kings Chest : 1 Candy Corn, 6 Mystery Tonics, 1 Boost (any), 1 Boost (any)
      Is the same as the ones from the black lion chest.
      Potions still account bound but i bought the ingredients, cheap atm, filling my bags and then posting my discovery on public chat to make people buy my stuff ;-)

    3. Opened some Mad King Chests and they still suck, people are complaining again.
      Keep in mind that 1 Key costs about 90s and 5 Pair of boosters( killstreak and the fame(dont know the english name) can't be used in mystic forge) are almost 8g or 10€ , Anet is still scamming people >:-[
      GW1 events were more fun, still having my gingerbread shield and candy sword ^^

    4. Was going to post what I got from them momentarily - it's not worth buying gems for them but it's good that those of us who experimented with holiday chests salvaged something extra.