Monday, October 1, 2012

Have you been utilizing buy orders like I suggested?

use buy orders in guild wars 2
Utilize Buy-Orders in Guild Wars 2
I have suggested numerous times since I began this site that you should be using buy orders at every opportunity you possibly can.  Any gold-making site or Guild Wars 2 Gold Guide you see would suggest the same.  That is– if they have it clue at all about what they're doing.  Buy orders are essential and you should be using them all the time. So the question that needs to be asked is; have you been placing buy orders like I suggested? Well – have you? When I first started using them I relied on them solely for obtaining cheap materials for crafting. As I realized the amount of gold which can be saved from them I started to use them for other things as well. Since making gold in the crafting professions has been a bit difficult my gold making strategies have relied on two specific things.

Farming for gold. This should really be the most obvious for anybody and I would imagine you all do this in some way shape or form every single day. Farming is guaranteed income where you don't even have to calculate profit margins and things like that because you are obtaining it firsthand. If you're talking about easy ways to make gold this is without question the number one way.

The second major component of all of my gold making has been buy orders. Utilizing buy orders opens up many different markets for me. The strategy which I documented late last week where you would buyout bags open them and resell them for profits relied heavily on the use of buy orders. In fact – without the use of buy orders that strategy would not even be possible because buying them out right eliminates all possibilities for profits.

Right now, because of all the people leveling there disciplines, making gold using them is pretty tough. It's not impossible, but it is tough. The few opportunities to make gold using disciplines comes down to – you guessed it – utilizing buy orders to open up a wider profit margin.

Today's post is in so much of it gold making tip as it is a reminder to all of you that buy orders are an essential part in making gold in Guild Wars 2. Instead of looking at it as a waiting period before you obtain the items you desire look at it as the moneymaking venture that it is. You should be utilizing buy orders as often as you possibly can. The one additional tip that I would give you guys is to place buy orders every single night before you go to sleep. There is no penalty for placing a buy order and taking it down if it's not fulfilled so you can throw up buy orders every night before you log out of the game. This strategy is what I use primarily for flipping items for profit every day. I'm not making my millions on this alone but I would say I have around 50-75s waiting for me every day when I log into the game. That may not sound like much, but when you add that up over the course of a week or even a month that really does accumulate to a nice chunk of gold.

It is important that you never underestimate the power of buy orders. No I'm not trying to reword a quote from Star Wars either. They really are a powerful asset and you should be using them for almost every strategy you take on when playing the game.

A side note before I leave you all for the day I would like to officially welcome the cast of ShoddyCast to the site. They are another gold making podcast and they are using Guild Wars 2 Riches as a way to reach out to all of you and get their awesome gold making tips into your ears.

Welcome to everyone at ShoddyCast!

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  1. I'm on the TP daily, hourly even. Anyway, 40% can be gotten from bags but it takes longer to sell becuase you also get butter and other stuff which you are selling with 100000 other people.

  2. Hey thanks Adam the ShoddyCast is glad to be here! It seemed appropriate we'd find ourselves on here since most of the gold strategies we test are developed by talking strat on the forums. I must admit, although I christened our YouTube show "Gold Guru" I feel far from a guru most of the time. I'm prone to forget buy orders altogether. The first 20 minutes I spent testing the loot bag strategy, for instance, I was buying the bags at face value like a moron. Turns out saving a couple cooper on high volume trading is important. Who knew?

  3. Yeah thanks to you I always order instead of buying now, but the most frustrated thing about it all is that I now realise how much gold I lost when I would just sell stuff right away and buy stuff with the buy now function. But oh well, we live and we learn :) Keep up the great blog!