Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Guild Wars 2 Mastery Guide Is A Scam With Stolen Content

Guild Wars 2 Riches Scam Alert
Guild Wars 2 Riches Scam Alert
I really hope I don't upset anyone by doing reviews like these, but when it comes to guides that blatantly scam people I feel obligated to let you guys know. This guide particularly irritates me because after I looked at it I was stunned to realize that they stole content. The part that specifically hits close to home for me is that they've stolen content from this very site which I have worked so hard to build up over the last four months. That's right! They've stolen content from this site and are now charging for it. Not only have they stolen from this site but they've also stolen from Markco as well. If you know my history with him you know that we do not see eye on just about anything, but even when content is being stolen from people I don't particularly get along with I find that to be repulsive and I will defend even my bitter rivals.

Us bloggers work incredible amounts of time getting our blogs to look good and even more so on developing brand-new content that you all can use and enjoy. I have dedicated my entire time playing Guild wars two to developing strategies to make gold in the game. So when someone comes along and claims to have revolutionary ideas it catches my eyes pretty quickly. I don't long to look at these guides to sell out their ideas by any means. If they've come up with some great idea that makes people gold I am more than happy to get behind them and tell people they've got a guide which is worth purchasing. The fact of the matter is that in this day and age most of these guides don't have any revolutionary idea. I have already proven that with two different guides at this point.

Guild Wars 2 Mastery Guide Is A Scam!

So how do I know that Guild Wars 2 mastery guide is a scam? I was given some inside information about the guide from someone who had purchased it so I decided to purchase it as well to find out what was up. Coincidentally they were also a follower of this very site and were more interested in making gold than they were leveling strategies and profession builds. So they decided to go to their gold making section which was touted as one of their staple points to the guide and were quickly confused by how lacking it really was. There was one section on buying vials of blood and selling them, one section on utilizing overflow servers to make gold and another section which had a very basic rundown of different ways to make gold which were useless in every way.

The section which they told me to look at was on utilizing overflow servers to make gold. If you are a follower of this site you recall me writing about this right around the time that Guild Wars 2 actually launched. It was entitled "Guild Wars 2 Overflow servers allow you to harvest farms twice in 23 hours."  It was one of the more popular posts on my site at the time and I received numerous e-mails from people thanking me for giving them the strategy. As a blogger we remember post like this because getting e-mails from people always warms your heart when you're running a site like this. If you check out that link that I just provided and then reference it to the screenshot below you will notice that they've literally copied and pasted the entire thing including the segment were right tell my readers that I hope they enjoy the video which was embedded in my post.

It is one thing to steal content and reword it yourself, but it is an entirely different animal when you copy and paste it from one source and then hide it behind a fee and call it your new and revolutionary idea. It is for that reason that I would call this guide absolutely, in every way, a scam.

Shame on you Guild Wars 2 Mastery Guide!

Oh, by the way I have demanded money from them.  If I receive even a single penny from them I will be buying and giving away a few copies of Guild Wars 2.  We will see how that goes!

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  1. You can have their content removed if you file a report with their hosting provider.

    I have done this many times and it takes 1-2 weeks.

    Good luck, it's a sucky feeling but it's part of being onlIne.

    1. Thanks. I have contacted clickbank, emailed them and tonight I will go the service provider route as well.