Friday, October 12, 2012

Guild Wars 2 Guides - Why Even Bother Buying One?

It's Friday and before I go and enter the land of intoxication I had a memory of conversations me and Craig had a few weeks ago.

It was around the whole Guild Wars 2 guide concept and just how pointless it is…

I got to Google and began searching around and seeing what utter brilliance there was out there (I'm being very sarcastic, by brilliance I mean crap).

I just can't get my head around the idea why anyone would buy a guild wars 2 guide and I'll break down my reasoning here now…

1) The main point and flaw is they cost money and your basically paying for something whether it be $37, $27 or whatever for information you could probably find for free…. in fact you can definitely find for free elsewhere

That's about it really lol

But seriously for that $27 or $37 that you blow on a guide you could assign a similar amount of money to buying in game gems which you can then convert to gold.

Those who buy a guide to learn how to level quickly - well that's just pointless. Spend the same kind of money on gems, get gold, buy crafting materials, use your karma to buy recipes and before you know it you can fire up the levels pretty quickly.

Leveling fast in guild wars 2 is pretty easy.

Then you have those who are looking to generate gold quicker. Again making gold is pretty damn easy. Following the route I just mentioned you can then craft items to sell at a profit on the trading house and make a ton of gold quickly that way. You will break even in no time with the right decision making.

Like I said spending money on a guide is pointless when you can spend that money in game and get all the benefits plus more that a guide wouldn't give you.

I know I'm quite brief on these points but in the next couple of weeks we will show you the whole process in motion via a video.

And of course for those who don't want to buy gems or aren’t part of a large guild we will also provide more free methods and which might not be as quick but are probably more fun.

Just my thoughts and please if you have the urge to buy a guild wars 2 guide book then let us know which one you’re thinking of. We will give you all you need on this site or point you in the right direction. Free is better :-)

I think I hear an Asahi (sweet, sweet beer) calling my name

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  1. for me the biggest flaw of MMO guides is that MMO are constantly changing with patches, the economy is always shifting... so what's the point of buying a book that's going to be outdated by the time you get it?