Thursday, October 18, 2012

Gold Guru - Cursed Shore and Jute Scrap Farming

Hello everybody! First off, we'd like to thank the new owners of GW2Riches for allowing us to continue posting our information on the site. Hopefully, with their ideas and our continued support, this site will continue to grow and supply everyone with a wealth of knowledge to help make everyone's Guild Wars 2 experiences more enjoyable.

 TK is keeping up with our Farmer's Almanac series by bringing you the ever popular Cursed Shore farming spot which is located mainly at Penitents and Shelter's Gate waypoints. If you're already familiar with CS farming then maybe you'd like to try some jute scrap farming. It's very simple to farm and even a new character can try it.

The Cursed Shore's main events at the previously mentioned waypoints are both "defense events" during which mobs will spawn in waves. Penitents' event has invulnerable mobs that cannot be tagged until they reach a point just before the gate you're defending. The good thing about this is that you know exactly where you need to cast your AoE abilities for mob tagging. The best thing to do is start casting them a second or two before they reach that point. Oh, and a quick tip: BEWARE OF THE EXPLODING CHICKENS!

The second point at Shelter's Gate has spider mobs as well as green ghoul thingies. Sadly, these can be attacked at any point after they spawn so you have to be quick enough to tag them before others kill them. If you're having trouble tagging the mobs that spawn to the left, try running down the steps to the right where spiders, including the veteran spider, spawn and tag them there.

A little bonus about these two spots is that there are several NPCs to sell all your drops to as well as purchase salvage kits. As for what to do with the rare items that drop, that's entirely up to you. Keep in mind that there's a variable chance(based on type of salvage kit) of 1-3 Globs of Ectoplasm from them, but you can also sell the item itself on the Trading Post for around 14 silver currently. I, personally, have been placing my rare items on the TP. Again, entirely up to you.

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  1. Nice one for Orr, I'll check it out.

  2. I saw that you run a necro staff build. How do you tag mobs? Is 2+3+4 enough?

    Anyhow a tip: when farming try to party with someone, whenever you hit a foe your mates had already tagged you'll tag it.

  3. The staff I use just when my utilities are on CD. Then I also have Death Shroud and Plague to use as well but I have to be much closer to the mobs. And a very good tip. Being in a group will definitely improve your tagging and drop rate.