Thursday, October 25, 2012

Gold Guru - Plinx Meta Event Farming

Hello everyone! We hope everyone is having a great time with the Halloween festivities. When you're done learning about the Mad King and collecting pieces of candy corn, you may want to get some farming done. And just in time, TK from the ShoddyCast has brought you yet another edition of the Farmer's Almanac.

This week, TK tackles the large meta event chain referred to simply as Plinx. The name refers to the NPC you are helping throughout the events named Plinx, of course. He's an Asura that you will be defending and escorting through 4 different events.

The first event you will be defending Plinx as he builds his H.A.Z.M.A.T suit throughout a series of waves consisting of undead hylek and other goodies. These guys will spawn relatively grouped together so they are easier to tag than the latter events.

After Plinx adorns his might suit, you will then escort him to a helicopter landing zone. This is the lengthy part of the event chain. Risen will spawn in a line along the walls towards the north. Since they are in a line, it's a bit harder to tag all the mobs before they go down.

When Plinx finally reaches the landing zone, the next event starts up immediately. In a PvE version capture the point, you will only progress through the event when no risen are within the blue lines. Once the indicator bar is full, the event is done.

Less then a minute after the landing zone is cleared, Plinx will need to be escorted to Caer Shadowfain as he brings supplies from the helicopter to the outpost. This is a pretty quick event since Plinx will not stop to fight mobs as his hands are full of supplies.

On top of the 4 events in the chain, there will probably be a couple other events going on in the same area. In the embedded video, you will see that TK ran into a champion broodmother as well as a champion undead abomination. With the 6 events combined, TK received over 100,000 experience, over 2,000 Karma and about 17 silver. Once mob spawn locations are know, we can see this making more money but we doubt it would be more than the previous Curse Shore farm we explained. But if you're working for your legendary weapon, you may want to consider this location because the Karma and experience is very nice.

Now drop your candy, get out there and do some farming!

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