Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Decent Weak Blood Vial and Tiny Venom Sac farming spot.

We've only been playing for a few weeks now and already there are a number of spots that are proving valuable for farming certain items in the game.  The one I am going to show you today is right in the humans starting zone just to the south-west of the Western Divinity Dam. Getting the blood vials and venom sacks from this area are actually part of an event so you can't just go there and repeat the quest over and over again. The thing you can do though is go there and help people farm the quest and get the rewards for yourself. The mobs that you are going to be farming are called Orchard spiders. They have younger mobs with them called Orchard hatchlings as well.

At the end of the event there is usually a dynamic event which begins as well. The goal of this is to take down what is essentially a boss spider. It is much bigger than all of the other Orchard spiders in the zone and takes a few more people. When you kill it this is where you can get the Tiny Venom Sacs as well. Between the blood vials and the venom sacs this orchard is a pretty good spot to go to if you need a few of either of these two items quickly.

While I was doing this quest and since I've finished it and gone back to farm for blood vials I usually spend about 10 to 15 min. there and I can walk away with anywhere between three and five blood vials. I don't know if there are any better spots than this at the moment – at least I have not found any personally. This is one of the very early zones of the game and it's actually the humans starting zone. It doesn't really make much difference because Guild Wars 2 is set up to depreciate your abilities to the current zone that year-end. So it doesn't matter if you are level 80 and going back to the human starting zone it's actually going to decrease your abilities down to what they would be if you are leveling this zone for the first time.

The region that it is in is known as Kryta – it is located just to the southwest of Divinities Reach. It also has a waypoint there as well so you can travel to it quickly. This is just one of the many different farming spots I found since I started playing Guild Wars 2. If you found a better spot for farming blood vials please feel free to comment on this article. I know that there are perhaps thousands of different spots to farm for any given item, but I am just one person and I can't possibly find them all.

Above is an image showing the exact location of the orchard where you can farm Weak Blood Vials. It does not take very long to get there and like I said if you spend anywhere between 10 and 15 min. I would say you can walk away with at least 3. With the current state of the trading post is a little bit difficult to come across crafting materials so this is our next best option at the moment.

Where do you farm for Weak Blood Vials?

There are going to be a whole slew of new farming spots that are documented in the coming weeks and even months. You can consider this post a part one if you would like. At some point I am almost certainly going to revisit this and inform you guys of a new farming spot. I don't know when that will be but I can just about guarantee that it will happen. Like I said – this is just one spot which I have found. I'm sure there are many many more, but I just can't find them all on my own while still enjoying the game for myself.

Last thing before I go. I was just cruising through YouTube and found a video that a user made which actually shows the Orchard spider event. Here is the video for you guys. The player who recorded this video showed up part ways through the event so we didn't get to do as much farming as one would expect, but you do get to see that he picks up a few venom sacs at the end so it really becomes all worth it.

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  1. Try the Skale in the river on your map as well. They start just south of the two hearts.

    I did fifteen minutes and got a good 10-15. They are level 2-3 near the bridge, if you go further round into the next zone there are more level 7-8.

    1. Hey excellent addition. I haven't had the chance to personally try it, but I will take your word for it!

      If you want to share anything else I would love to allow you to guest post. Just a thought.

  2. There is also a ton of skale and oozes around the eastern dam, near Beetletun.

  3. I'm with Maso, I do most of my weak blood farming on the Skale there in the river.

    You can also roll a brand new human and slay the centaurs in the tutorial which have a very high chance to drop bags that give random crafting mats. In my testing so far the human tutorial area is significantly more valuable than all of the others combined in terms of crafting mats.

    1. I will check all these out. I was farming them and getting 3-5 every 10 minutes which I thought was good. Oh boy, was I wrong if you guys are getting those numbers.

      I wil be sure to check them all out!

      You can also add them to the thread for farming spots that is on the forum as well everyone!

  4. Clearly too many people are reading this site, Been using the Skale river since launch and never had any competition, made a boatload of cash as well...past few days there are always at least 3-4 people farming that spot every time I log on and it has become a game of "Try tag the mob before it's nuked" -.-'

  5. I got a better one :D

    Vir's Gate right outside of the Black Citadel. There's a dynamic event where harpies start swarming it from every direction. The best part is, you don't actually have to kill them. The NPCs have mortars that they hit them with to kill him, so all you have to do is run around "tagging" as many as you can before they die. I was getting 20ish Vials of Weak Blood per event. And the event repeats quite often :) Every 5-10 minutes.

    1. I have been leveling and looking for some more farming spots over the last few days. Next week I should have a few new ones.