Monday, September 17, 2012

Mystic forge recipes. Know which items will get your the most for your time.

Today I want to share with you all a Reddit post that I have been following for the last week that pertains to making gold using the Mystic Forge.  The reason why this post is both interesting and important is because for most of the things we do on the Mystic Forge it seems like it is random.  While some of the things are random there are also a large number if items and things that can be controlled as well.  It  all depends on what you are putting into the forge of course.

I have been trying to find ways to profit using the Mystic Forge very early on when Guild Wars 2 launched, but the amount of unpredictability with the forge makes it a constant gamble.  I have been able to make gold though just by way of getting lucky.  I have combined hundreds of items at this point and have gotten just a handful of rare(Yellow) items.  Those alone have made profits possible, but it really is a grind and time can be much better spent on a venture that is a guarantee.

The good thing is that we can take a certain amount of that unpredictability out of it if you take a look at the thread I've been looking through for the past week.  The Reddit user TenTenHun has put together a basic shell of the "Mystic Forge Guide." We still don't know all of the possible combinations.  That would be incredibly intensive, but that's not to say it won't be done in the future.

Anyway.  Here is the thread I am talking about.  It's information really is an important asset if you want to make gold using the Mystic Forge.  Like I said--the unpredictability of the Mystic Forge is what makes it harder to make gold and this thread takes a certain amount of that out for us.

 Mystic Forge recipes and research (it makes exotics)

In closing--this thread has been updated constantly since it was created.  People are adding to it all the time with new and important information.  You really should bookmark that page, or even this one, so you can check back to it whenever you are looking for new information.

Before you take off be sure to check out the ONLY Guild Wars 2 guide of any kind that I personally support here on Guild Wars 2 Riches.  I am reviewing guides all the time.  Actually I have Youtube videos proving that two of them are indeed scams.  If you are looking for a Guild Wars 2 Guide and you don't want to buy that already outdated one at your local videogame store be sure to check out Guild Wars 2 Leveling as you see it below.

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  1. There is a Mystic Chest you get from:

    1 Glob of Ectoplasm
    1 Mystic Coin
    2x stacks of 250 of any of these (Stick of Butter,Green Wood Logs,Soft Wood Logs,Hard Wood Logs, and Iron Ore.)

    It gives you some stuff worth normally at least the invested money, with luck some more. It gives you some items aswell you will need to create a portable mystic forge.. if anyone is interested on that recipe aswell.. let me know.


  2. Oh, I see under you can see all about the Mystic Chest and etc. I was talking about...


  3. 1 Glob of Ectoplasm
    1 Mystic Coin
    2x stacks of 250 of any of these (Stick of Butter,Green Wood Logs,Soft Wood Logs,Hard Wood Logs, and Iron Ore.)

    Doesn't work. Tried all of these, forge wouldn't budge.

    1. Very strange, I have done it 2 times tonight.. with 2 x 250 stick of butter.


  4. My bad, I misread. You need 2x 250 stacks of these, but they have to be identical (ie. 1x stack of butter and 1x stack of soft wood logs wont work).

    I crafted 5 chests, lost 1g total after selling everything.

    Most jewels sell for 10s or 20s. It CAN go to 2g, but it's not reliable.

    All of these can be had on TP for 6c a piece. Minimum cost for these chests hover at 52s. You're lucky if you get 20s out of each.

    Definitely a loser.

  5. It's been disabled now :(

  6. yep seems to have been dissabled, just bought a bunch of greenwood logs to try it, entered the ecto and coin, then the logs were grayed out