Thursday, September 20, 2012

How to make gold without opening the trading post.

Make gold without the trading post.

How have you been doing with gold making? I would bet that just like many others you are having a bit of trouble. It isn’t impossible to make gold by any means, but it is a difficult in the current economic landscape we’re in. The situation we’re in leave razor thin profit margins and the globally shared market make competition more severe than we ever expected. The current sales mentality is pretty amazing to me. People have adopted this vendor +1c sales strategy that makes it pointless to even bother selling most things since vendoring those would give you a greater return. There are many issues with the trading post right now. You would agree with that, right? Well then—for today’s gold making tip let’s not even use the Guild Wars 2 Trading Post!
Here are 3 few ways to make gold without ever opening the trading post:
Run Dungeons - This is going to be the most fun I would imagine. Each time you complete a dungeon you get usually about 20-25 silver. I’m currently level 57 so I can’t speak for anything above where I am at, but they are going to reward more so that just fortifies my point. Dungeons will only reward you that sack of gold once a day so you can develop a daily routine of dungeons you’re going to do. They aren’t difficult to get into either in case you were worrying about that. If you go to the entrance of any of them there are always people gathered outside of them.
Vendor Items – Before I start I want to make sure you don’t do something foolish like vendor everything you pick up. There are going to be items which will sell well on the trading post. (For example: Fangs, Claws, Vials of Blood, Ore etc.) I am talking about gear. The gear that has a vendor value less than 2 silver is routinely being sold on the trading post for 1c higher than its vendor value which makes selling it on trading post both a waste of time and a loss of money. If you don’t believe me you can check just about all of your items, but I give you a 98% guarantee that if you bother looking up the price you’re going to find that dumping it to a vendor is the wiser choice. This even goes for Blue gear. Green and Yellow you should always check just to be safe!
Explore Maps – This one even I feel is cheating as far as a gold making tip, but really you should be doing this because you get numerous gold awards in the process. Whenever you explore a zone 100% you get a chest which pops up and rewards you with many things and one of those is gold. This is going to take some time because you are clearing an entire zone, but I put this as a gold making tip because many people have decided that 100% completion doesn’t benefit them. It does! That is free gold and materials for putting in minimal extra effort in each zone.
Like I said in the beginning it is going to be difficult for a little while to make gold. With so many people leveling all at once time there is a massive influx of materials and everyone is trying to sell them at one time. This causes all of the prices to be driven down into the toilet. The trading post is ultra-competitive, but it won't be like that forever. When the games leveling curve progresses onward the prices will likely rise up a bit and make earning gold easier. For now though you can rely on these tips which do not require the trading post in any way to make gold.  

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  1. Making Gold with Trading Post is an easy task but making Gold without was really a tough job. Your help is much appreciated to make new gold without opening the trading post.

  2. Personally I've not been having much trouble with making money through the TP at all, sure "buy low sell high" isn't very profitable right now due to the tight margins, but that is just one of a myriad of ways to make money. If you stop to think about things and do a bit of research beforehand you should have no trouble.

    This whole selling things for the vendor price +1c is actually amazing for somebody looking to make money with the right mindset ;)

  3. Is it better to sell gear than to Salvage it? I'm level 31 and I've been salvaging all my gear (white, blue, green) so far. I'm just wondering if I should change my method.
    Maybe salvage white and blue and sell green?

  4. I salvage white gear/white trophy salvage items.
    I then mystic forge blues and greens.
    Any blues or greens i have left over from combining 4 at a time I also salvage.

  5. I found that I was salvaging most gear early on when the materials they broke down into were selling for more. Some markets have really calmed down in that regard. You just need to take the time to see if the cloth scraps (Jute, Wool, etc) are selling for more than the vendor price of the item you are about to break down (plus as small addition for the use of the salvage kit). Lately, that has meant selling most gear I find.

  6. hey man it'd be awesome if you could check out my gold making tip and leave some feedback :)

    1. ReactiveGamingz: You have a horrible accent in english... you speak wayyyy to slow. Also, you are very monotone and you don't explain things well and you mumble on about the math. As an instructional video i give it 1.5/10 stars.

    2. zReactiveGamingz: You're video is a 1.5/10 STARS. Why? First you're accent when speaking english is horrible, you talk way to slooooooow, and you are monotone. Then, when you are talking about math you mumble on and don't explain it very well. Finally, your video is way to long and its too hard to understand half of what you're saying / mean.