Saturday, September 22, 2012

Make gold flipping dyes on the trading post. A guest post from a community member.

Hey would you believe this--I am doing a post on a Saturday! The fall is a very busy time for me and on top of that I'm doing our wedding planning and many other things related to my job in the real world as well. Despite all that I still found time to throw together a post for you guys today. Today's post comes from a user who follows my site and asked me to take a look at his gold making video he posted on YouTube.

I have been using this strategy for a little while and it made a bit of gold off of it since the game launched. The strategy itself is incredibly simple. All you have to do is go onto the trading post and post your by orders for different dyes in the game. Be sure to do the math and multiply your sale price by .85 so you don't end up actually losing money when it's all said and done. When you do the math and you determine that you can resell the item for a profit go ahead and relist it on the trading post.

That's it! That's the entire strategy. Would you believe making gold can be so easy? I explained it very briefly to all just now, but take a minute and watch the video I linked below this to get a better idea what I'm talking about. This strategy also goes for many more items beyond dyes in the game as well so always be on the lookout for potential markets that exist.

Video submitted by zReactiveGamingz

I hope you've all enjoyed this special Saturday Guild Wars 2 gold making tip. With the guest post that I've been having it makes a little bit easier to squeeze in some posts on the weekend for you guys. I'm still not ready to promise a post for you every day the week, but I am definitely working towards that in the future. If any of you are interested in writing some guest post or even writing on a regular basis be sure to get in contact with me through the contact tab in the navigation bar.

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  1. Ehm. Normally i read quality posts on this site.
    buy 100 ore @ 17 = 1700
    sll 100 ore @ 19 = 1900*0.85 fee = 1615
    which is a 85copper loss.
    think you should play the mkt with a four unit spread to make actually 1 copper.

    1. I didn't do his math, but his theory is still very much useful. I think what he was doing what showing how it is done. He just didn't have cooperative prices at the time the video was created.

      I will make sure to be aware of this when new videos are submitted.

      Here is a great tool i've been using btw to calculate Trading Post prices. It is the same as multiplying by .85, but I just plug in the numbers for both and let it do it for me.

    2. I can appreciate that the guy wanted to share a tip on making money off of dyes on youtube. Yet, I can't express how unbelievably poor he is at explaining what he's trying to say. I still don't see how his video actually works. Explaining that there is a TP tax is nothing new and the premise of buy low sell high doesn't work in actual application in the video. It doesn't matter if we think he had 'cooperative prices', he himself is clearly satisfied with every price he talks about and has many transactions in his history showing he's confident it works.

      But man, he's so hard to listen and I know it's with good intention. Look at the first example at 0:25. He says '20 25 times .85 is 17 21, so 17 21 - 14 97 is... 2 24 it's as simple as that.' He doesn't realize all he did was talk to himself while explaining nothing? Ok second example at 1:00 he repeats the same formula with different numbers. 1:22 he says '8 38' but at 1:30 changes it to '8 37'. Alright then he shows us his history, which is nice but doesn't explain anything. At 1:49 he says he has 2 pages full but at 1:52 says it's a page full, it's like.. just relax wtf.

    3. Sorry you didn't like him. On my site I give anyone a chance to contribute as long as it has a point; which his post did.

      Needless to say I won't have him back if you all dislike his work. Thanks for your input.

  2. Hi. Just to say... the video has been deleted by the author on Youtube.

    Anyway, the article and technique itself is nice. I already used it a few times : the profit is often pretty low, but it's still profit.