Friday, September 21, 2012

Increase your gold making income by 150% or more with two simple tips.

Guild Wars 2 Riches Farming
I would wager a bet that by now you’ve at least taken a look at Guild Wars 2’s crafting disciplines. If you’re like most you have cobbled together a few levels using the materials you’ve obtained through just playing the game as intended. You were able to make a few items and quickly realized that they don’t sell for anything which makes it impossible to actually turn a profit. Don’t worry—you are not alone. This is the case with many players right now. Since buying the commodities on the trading post is currently nothing more than a gold sink most have resorted to farming their own items. You know—the age old practice of going out and slaying River Drakes for their Claws and Vials of Blood? You can spend 15 minutes in a zone and, in some cases; you will walk away with 3-4 of any particular item. Have you encountered this scenario yet? Let me help you a bit today with a few easy tips to increase your farming rate.

The first and the most important tip I can give you is to AOE tag mobs as often as you can when fighting in groups. All professions in the game have an AOE attack of some facet. The reason I say you should do this is because when there are large groups of mobs you will get there drops just by doing a small amount of damage to them. In most cases just a single alien attack will suffice, but you should still use it as often as you possibly can during an encounter. Using this strategy alone I have had the amount of dropped items increase for me, at times, by as much as 200%.

The measure that I generally go off of is in 15 min. increments. When I was not using an AOEtag and fighting large groups of mobs I would expect to pick up anywhere between 3 and 4of any specific item. When I began using AOE tags I saw that number increase to 6 or 7 for each 15 minutes I spent farming. Those numbers are what I would consider the "upper end results" for my farming.

Second tip I want to cover is one that we really don't know for sure whether or not it exists, but there is enough speculation to at least consider it. I'm talking about a system that may, or may not, be built into Guild Wars 2 which is considered an anti-farming code. It is because of this code that I would tell you to keep moving around when you are farming. It is nice to say in one single spot for long periods of time, but supposedly the longer you stay in any one spot you start getting diminished returns no matter how many mobs you are killing.

I do want to emphasize that we don't know for sure whether or not the anti-farming code really does exist. I had a post written up about this but I didn't want to deal in speculation of something like this. I tend to aim more towards physical and realistic gold making tips. The reason I decided to mention this is a gold making tip is for two different reasons. The first is because if the code actually does exist I don't want you to be wasting your time trying to obtain a certain item one is just never going to drop for you. The second reason I brought it up is because really telling you to keep moving is another gold making strategy in and of itself. You could stay in one zone, but if you move around you are more likely to find other ore nodes or even rare mobs which often times give you much better rewards than farming for a specific item.

Using just these two tips you guys should all see a modest increase in the amount of specific drops you are looking to obtain. They'll take any extra work in anyone can use them. If you are farming items for the specific reason of selling them you've just increased their income by upwards of 150%. There are very few gold tips that I can give you that can instantaneously increase your profits by that much.

This just goes to show that not all gold tips have to be intensive and involve a ton of work!

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  1. I have a particular place to farm venom sacs and have done hundreds of circuits over several hours on multiple occasions and I've not ran into this "anti-farming code." First I've heard of it. Very very interesting. I may need to track my results and do some analysis. Thanks for bringing it to light!

    1. That is why I didn't say it existed for sure. I have heard people tell stories from both sides of the coin.

      I would love to hear an official answer on this at some point.

  2. I just read about this anti-farming code but yesterday I spent probable close to 2h farming for Small Venom Sacs and I got about 40 so it seems fine.

  3. Great post, but one thing caught my attention: Are there actually rare mobs in this game? I haven't come across one. What do they drop?

    1. I found an interesting spider once , 3 mobs mainly got venom sack and a green armor. It was in celadon forest

  4. The second tip is a good one but it is not easy to handle it while farming. Can you please describe an easy way for making gold without trading post.

  5. Yes it is interesting, so far iv notice that the amount of people farming an area has more of an impact than the amount you are farming ........ There was a char character constantly farm the same spot and is always at this spot ( could be a bot ) but yesterday he wasn't there so I thought I'll take advantage I picked up over 40 weak bloods in the space of an hour and not to mention the other crap iv found

  6. I will say this once and only once. The end users (gamers) give a shit about botting. The game producers (devs) don't give a shit about botting. The only time the devs do anything about botting is when the gamers start bitching en masse. Yeah, unless they want to stop a million emails a day in wow(mmorpg's)... nothing gets changed (fixed). I use the term wow because 99% of gamers know what i mean. The game engines aren't made by the devs, they are manipulated by the devs. Even Blizzard only has one Assembly programmer, there's a reason for that which i'm not gonna waste my time typing (short answer = it's not a human logical language and easier for a single very logical person to do well).

    There is no 'anti-bot' anything, anywhere. It's based on population. If something has a 2% chance to drop item A, 30% chance to drop item B, 50% chance to drop item C, and a 0.05% chance to drop item D....
    what are you odds of getting item D when 10,000 people are logged on?
    what are you odds of gettign item D when 10,000,000 people are logged on?

    Game engines do take it into consideration about different zones and servers. The admins also seem to turn drop rates up for seasonal events and the like...

    They even tell you there is better loot if you're lower level than the stuff you kill or zone you're in.

    They only thing they really add is risk for reward. Take a party of lvl 5's into a lvl 15 area... spend an hour killing things. You'll get greater rewards. Take a clan of 100 lvl 5's into a lvl 30 zone and gang rape neutral mobs.... you'll get even bigger rewards (and alot of deaths).

    It's not like they are going to share the loot tables and dependencies of levels, zone population/server populations... but that's what it's about.

    They manage how many of certain items are in the world, not what are individual chances of getting stuff. That's how the game engines are designed. They are worlds... not 'you in the world'.

    I would elaborate alot more but I personally don't care too atm.

    Hope it helps your understanding.