Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Looking for your input on improving the site!

I have been working on the site a ton lately.  Most of the stuff is behind the scenes SEO coding and all of that incredibly interesting stuff (Yes, that was sarcasm.).  I get a lot of feedback on the site all the time.  I get between 7-10 e-mails a day from you wonderful people and they are universally showing support for the site.  I love getting those sort of e-mails.  They are what keeps me working on the site!


I am never satisfied with what I have here and I always want to improve it.  So I want to know what you guys think this site could do to improve.  Is there any feature that you would like it to have?  Anything you would like to see go?  I have a lot of space that I can use on my sidebar here and I want to know what you guys would like to see on the site.  What could I put there that would help you make this site a better tool for your gold-making endeavors?

If you have a suggestion, but do not want to say it publicly you can submit it to me in private through my contact form (Contact form is HERE) on the site as well.  I really care most about improving this site so I want to hear from you fine folks.  I'm not only looking for additions to the site either.  If you would like to see something go or there is something that you think is useless for our cause feel free to let me know.  I can take criticism very well and that is exactly what this post is for so pour it on!

What can I do to improve Guild Wars 2 Riches?

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