Thursday, September 6, 2012

Guild Wars 2 Overflow servers allow you to harvest farms twice in 23 hours.

I actually wrote this post and recorded the video a little while back pertaining to this gold making tip. Late last week a blog similar to this one posted the strategy as well and I debated whether or not to post it here.  This post was actually typed up and scheduled to be posted on Friday, August 24th. After a lot of thought I decided to post it on my site anyway.  I don't support the site which this tip appeared on due to a long history with it's author so unless I post it here you folks may not get the chance to see this tip.  So without further delay, and what is sure to spark a bit of silly blogging drama here is the tip I had scheduled.

Overflow servers are an incredible incorporation into Guild Wars 2. They essentially cut out that horrible scenario where you sit staring at a queue number while waiting to play the game. Instead – you are allowed to play on a separate server and get a notification when you are able to hop on to your home server. It's pretty sweet deal in today I can tell you that it is even sweeter. Did you know that you can essentially double down on every node that you farm due to these overflow servers?

The way this works is you just log into the game and play like you normally would. This includes farming for nodes and actually going in harvesting cooking ingredients from farms.  The game itself is no different when you are on an overflow server. You can participate in quests, events and any other aspect of the game you would normally do. For this post I'm going to focus on farming though. When you're on an overflow server, assuming you're interested in making gold, I would suggest you spend that time farming every node you can.

A really cool feature that is given to you when you're on an overflow server is the ability to re queue while being on that server. So if you are farming for a while and you've got some nodes left to farm in any certain zone you can actually go back to the end of the line and wait again. This is fantastic because it allows you to hit up all the farms in a certain zone before you leave the overflow server.  There are overflow servers for all the zones as well, which means if you are determined enough you can actually go to each his own and farm the overflow and the normal server. You got to take advantage of this now because as the game is out longer the queues for the zones are almost certainly going to die out. The whole reason you are placed into overflow servers just about every time right now is because of the popularity Guild Wars 2 has at the moment.

So, in essence, every node in every farm in the game can be hit up twice. Standard nodes will repop after a certain duration of time; however, farms are on a 23 hour timer. What this means is that you only be able to harvest them once a day – unless you know this gold making tip. The difference between using this information and ignoring it is the difference between having 8 strawberries to cook with or 16.  It is a huge difference is what I am trying to say here.

It doesn't take anything extra other than spending time on an overflow server. Since an overflow server is no different than your normal one you are really just playing the game like any other time.

I hope you enjoy the video and start using this tip to gather double the amount of materials that you would have without this bit of information. This is one of those tips that early on is going to really set you apart from everybody else in the game. With just this one tip alone you are essentially putting yourself at twice the advantages all of your competition. With the game being so new this sort of information is crucial to take advantage of.


  1. Hey Adam, I made a lot of gold while playing WoW and im very excited with your website and the world of gold making in Guild Wars 2! One thing that I wanted to add, if I may, to your tip is that it seems to me as if there are several overflow servers instead of just one, which translates into even more money by farming if manipulated just a bit. For example if I'm farming in Queensdale for copper ore i'll farm out my area in the overflow, go to my home server and farm that out and then transport to the pvp lobby through the hero screen and come right back to Queensdale. Every time I have done that it has put me into a brand NEW overflow server with all the nodes intact. In essence this means that I can farm an area indefinitely. I've gotten a pretty good hourly rate by farming this way. Try it out and let me know what you think.

    1. Wow. I did not know that was the case. I thought the overflow for a zone was just the overflow server and that was it. If this is the case that is awesome, but I can't even imagine for a second that they would leave it as is.

      Seems like a huge mistake given the 23 hour timer.

    2. Just be wary, if this works for the farms, they might consider it a exploit if you use it to farm silly amounts of a limited item in a day. It's not quite as clear cut as the idiots who exploited the karma vendor, but it's worth keeping in mind.

    3. I dunno if that would be true. The overlflow servers are jus being used heavily right now because of the influx of ppl. Eventually we won't be put on overflows so much and this will go away.

      I see ur point though. ArenaNet have created a bit of fear with the banhammer--although the bans, in my eyes, were absolutely justified. Those people knew exactly what they were doing.

    4. Also in this case what's being "exploited" is not a bug in the game but rather the natural occurring nodes of different servers your put into. However I do mix in regular playing time and farming just in case ;) By the way Adam did you get all the people you needed for helping out with the guide?

    5. I do have a few people. It has been on the backburner or a week because I'm busy with wedding planning and hunting coming up.

      Are you interested in helping out at all?

    6. Yes I would be interested in helping. I know that you're working on a outline, so let me know how I can get started and how I can help.