Friday, September 7, 2012

Highest buyer or lowest seller? Which sales option should you use?

Now that the trading post is live and working as intended I have begun selling quite a bit of stuff on it.  Since it has been up for me I have made, on average, about 1g/day.  It could be more, but I have been quite busy with real life as well. (Working, wedding planning, vacations--the usual summer stuff.)  I have mainly been selling gear which I've acquired through just playing the game, but there are a few others which have sold quite well for me.

What is selling on the Guild Wars 2 Trading Post?
·         Crafted Bows, Harpoons, Pistols & Rifles (One of my disciplines is Huntsman)

·         Bags, Containers and Boxes GALORE!

·         Minis—it is largely dependent on which pet you get from the pack, but I have sold one pet for almost 6g which has put me in the black by about 2g.  All pets sell quickly, but not all of them are worth much.

·         Commodities—Ore, Wood & Ingredients for all disciplines.  Specifically Copper Ore and Soft Wood.

·         Unidentified Dyes—They are selling ridiculously well to people that are interested in having a very specific look.  Make sure you do not identify them though! 
Since I have been selling so many items lately I have also been trying to decide what is the best way to actually sell my goods.  The game is set up so I have two options.  I can either sell to the highest buyer, or match the price of the lowest seller.  Each one works well, but there are a few pros and cons to using both.  I will not tell you that one of them is right or wrong, because that is just not true.  Each one has its own area of expertise.  Each one works well for one selling situation where the other may not.  It is largely dependant on whether you want instant gratification or not as well.  Here is my brief breakdown of the two styles.  You can decide for yourself which one best fits your style.

Meet Highest Buyer
·         Instantly sell your items.

·         Great way to unload items in bulk for quick gold.
·         You will always take less profit.  In many cases 50% less than if you chose “Match Lowest Seller.
Match Lowest Seller

·         You will get more gold for selling your items.

·         This method will give you a better sense of what is selling.  If you can sell a bow for 15 copper instantly through the match highest buyers tab that’s just fine, but what if you can sell that same bow in 10 minutes for 30 copper?  Using this tab is the only way to know if you’re making the right selling decision.
·         You will be waiting for an unknown amount of time.  There is no way to predict or determine if you will sell your items in 5 minutes or 5 hours.

·         This is going to be a tough route if you want to sell items in bulk.  People are generally looking for discounts on bulk items.


  1. Hey Adam,

    i really like your guides. It has helped me a lot to improve my selling strategie. Good work!

  2. Hi I have been reading alot about the market. Here are the links in which i find my information. and I have been trying to buy items off the market and than sell them when those same items have reached a higher value due to demand (about 20% higher to make profit). But I was wondering if you can buy items at highest buyer price which like you said is about 50% lower than the lowest listing price. Is there away to acquire items at that lower price?