Sunday, September 23, 2012

Top 5 posts from the Guild Wars 2 community 9/16-9/22

Top 5 posts from the Guild Wars 2 Community
Last week I read a lot of great posts from around the Guild Wars 2 community blogs. Each week I read it seems like hundreds of different posts from around the community and their always giving out wonderful information that can help out players. The best part about them is that not all of them are related to gold making in the game. Some of them just referred a strategies for WvW or even boss fight strategies for PvE. From time to time I like to take a few the post and share them with you all on my site.

Here are five of the best posts I've seen in the last week.

Official World vs World Queue Size Data
Have you ever wondered about how the to system Guild Wars 2 works? Some people from the community took it upon themselves to track a bit of data over the course of the last week and determine some of that information for us. Some of the queues take upwards of an hour for some people so here is a great post which explains the possible theory as to why that happens.

Have you been using magic find when you're playing Guild Wars 2? Case you're wondering met defined as a static knowing your dear which will actually increase the amount of magical gear you can pick up from mobs, dungeons and chests. This makes upgrading your gear much easier over the course of time. Here's a brief post explaining how you can actually make more gold by not ignoring this stat.

STOP Losing Gold On The Trading Post!
This is a tip that I've also written about briefly on my own site, but it needs to be linked to again because it really is important to remember this. If you don't follow it you can actually end up losing gold on the trading post because even if you post an item at a certain price the trading post fees will take so much away that it would actually be more beneficial if you are just to sell it to a vendor.

GuildMag: This Week In Guild Wars 2
this post a similar to what I'm doing here, but they've done it on a much larger scale. Instead of linking to just five they actually link to what seems like hundreds of posts. They do this every week and it's where you find a lot of the great posts and great blogs each week.

Guild Wars 2 Farming Guides
This is one of the few sites that have become specifically focused on making farming guides for Guild Wars 2.  Not only do they cover Guild Wars 2, but they also cover many other MMORPG's as well.  Their database is a bit small at this point.  I would imagine the sites creative members will be adding much more to it in the coming weeks, months and years.

There you have it.  Those were my favorite posts/sites from around the web this week.  I hope you can find them as interesting and useful as I did.  I will try to do this more often in the future for you all.  Lets get right back to work tomorrow with a brand new gold making tip!

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