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Guild Wars 2 magic find guide. Increase your riches by understanding the +Magic Find stat.

Guild Wars 2 Magic Find guide to help you make gold
Guild Wars 2 Magic Find
Ever since Guild Wars 2 launched earning gold has proven to be quite difficult. Rather than platy auction house and make easy money most of us have had to resort to other strategies which involve taking less profits and repeating the task over and over again. While that sounds quite boring it does actually end up making us quite a bit of gold. Then there are other tips which exist where you can make gold for just playing the game. Today's gold making tip actually piggybacks off of that a little bit and gets into the idea of making more gold while you farm just by utilizing the stat +Magic Find.

A lot of this information comes courtesy of Reddit & The Official Guild Wars 2 Forums so if you prefer to read it from there you certainly can.  There was also a post written on the topic by a fellow gold blogger at Guild Wars 2 Gold Guide so be sure to check those out as well.

What is +Magic Find?

Magic find is the stat that improves your chance of picking up more rare items.  The best explanation that I've found is from a Reddit post covering all the finer details on the use of +Magic Find.
It is believed that all your bonuses to the stats are added up and that modifies the drop tables. So if you have 2 bonuses of 50% magic find for example you would end up with 100% magic find. So if a mob had a 5% to drop a 'fine' quality crafting ingredient or piece of equipment that chance would be doubled to 10%. I must caution that this is not fact and still being tested, because current smaller tests seem to indicate that magic find is actually more effective that what is described above as this small sample seems to indicate:
Level 40~ skales.
50 kill sample - 0% MF - 6/50 dropped bloods.
50 kill sample - 20% MF - 11/50 dropped bloods.
50 kill sample - 63% MF - 21/50 dropped bloods.
Make gold through buffing your Magic Find Stat.

There are a few easy ways to get a boost to your +Magic Find stat.  The easiest is with a cooking item called the Omnomberry Bar.  The Omnomberry Bar actually gives you another boost as well which is fantastic for people that are farming mobs for crafting materials or just gold.  The full description for this item is:
Nourishment (30m): 30% Magic Find 40% Gold from Monsters +10 Experience from kills.
In regards to making gold this is a huge leg up, but you do have to be killing mobs to get it.  So if you are going to be farming for things like Vial of Blood or Claws you gain an additional benefit to farming for those if you just utilize an Omnomberry Bar.

How to identify gear with +Magic Find on it

Now--there are more ways to buff up your +Magic Find stat than just eating foods too.  You can also obtain gear which has it on it.  You can always tell which gear will have +Magic Find because it will have the prefix "Explorer" or "Travelers" on it.

Runes with +Magic Find on them (Reddit)
The following Runes/Sigils are the only ones in the game that provide a buff to your +Magic Find statistic.  Couple them with proper gear as well as a Omnomberry Bar and you will have a significant boost to the point where you will see a noticeable increase to the amount of gold you earn from killing mobs.

Magic find is a very powerful stat if you choose to utilize it.  The difference between not using it and using it is  significant enough that farming without it becomes much less profitable.  I would even go as far as saying it may be wise to look into setting up farming gear for when you go out and try to farm crafting items.  You're still going to get that same amount of items, but you will find yourself with a few Blue, Green or Yellow items as an added bonus which can only increase your profit margins.

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  1. My research into magic find has led me to wonder whether setting up a full magic find gear set is a wise idea....bear with me xD

    I think it's effectiveness will depend largely on your play style and method of farming.

    If you are farming in a group during public events, with lots of mobs etc, where you are really just looking to tag as many mobs as possible, then magic find is a no brainer. This is because you are not really concerned about killing of being killed by the mobs as you will have a dozen other players DPSing them anyway.

    But on the other hand, if you are solo farming and you pump as much into magic find as you can, your other stats will suffer. This could mean that your DPS/survivability severely drops and thus could potentially negate the benefits of the magic find boost in the first place. (If it takes you twice as long to kill a mob then is the +50% magic find boost worth it?)

    Again this all comes down to personal play style, farming methods and preference, but It's worth a thought (especially since I imagine the price of +magic find gear greatly increasing as more people hit 80)

  2. Except magic find only replaces the third stat on any item, not your primary/secondary stats.

    Additionally, it will also be boosted through runes/sigils, which replace other runes/sigils that don't have a major effect in survivability either - so a high magic find will make you more money in either situation you listed.

  3. I disagree, not only are you losing a 3rd stat from magic find, but power on Explorer's gear is naturally lower to that of its Berserker counterpart. Furthermore, you most likely only have a Rare set of Magic Find gear, but an Exotic set of dps gear. So you are looking at another stat jump from the quality of gear. Lastly, The bonus stats from runes and sigils are a major effect on your survivability, especially if you just use Ruby Orbs instead of runes like me. In this game, more that most even, extra dmg output = survivability. Say if you have 4 mobs on you and you go down, that extra damage will have most of the mobs a nug from death and that extra dmg will make you hit harder in downed state, both situations making it easier to rally. Basically on my warrior with full exotic Bersker's gear of the Berserker, I can tear through mobs in Cursed Shore, killing up to 5 in one pull, possible more, dont get the chance to fight more at once and never paid attention to my max lol. However, in a full set of rare magic find gear with magic find runes, I can barely kill 2-3 mobs at once, I mean I can, but it takes significantly longer. So in my opinion, you are much better off using dps gear, if it is exotic, when solo farming, and FULL magic find gear when you are group farming. At least you can do a combination of dps gear and mf gear, I usually wear my 6 pieces of mf gear with runes, giving me 78% mf (5 sup runes of pirate and 1 sup rune of traveler) and use my exotic berserker weps and accessories. That way I can pop some food and still have 100%+ to magic find. I am still sacrificing a large amount of dps, but drops are pretty solid.

  4. Transmutation is your friend. You can have exotic level magic find gear. The extra dozen points you lose from the third stat aren't gonna effect your output very much.

  5. Interesting information. I've been using a good set of magic find gear myself for quite a while now and have been able to rake in quite a decent ammount of gold. To get the most out of your farming session you may want to take a look at this clip:

  6. The tips given above are all helpful if you read and follow each one carefully. Use this stat to one's advantage. That is if you are only focusing on finding rare items. Otherwise, balance out your other stats for a better performance in the game.

  7. Traveler's/Explorer's gear with MF on it counts the MF as the major stat with the power and precision/condition damage stat as minors. An Exotic shirt with MF on it will have 72/72 and 3% MF, while any other shirt with a full 3 stats will have 101/72/72. By using MF armor, not even counting the rune sets or jewelry, you are already ~30% under your potential. If increasing the chance to get a drop from 0.001% to 0.002% is important to you, then by all means wear MF gear. I find that using food with +XX% more gold from monsters on it in a full set of regular exotic gear pays off just as fast in many situations. Running a dungeon? MF does not affect chests, but the boss dropped 10s, with Omnomberry Bars(+40% Extra gold from monsters) that's now 14s, or 3 green drops sold to a merchant. I know a lot of people claim it does not affect their killing speed that much. but ~30% less stats is very significant in terms of survivability and damage. I'm not saying MF gear is not worth it, it just holds you back more often than not. Choose wisely when to use it.