Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Guild Wars 2 1-400 Jewelcrafting Guide

Today is another one of those days where I just couldn't do something better than this guy.  He is a contributor in the Guild Wars 2 Reddit and has created a very impressive Guild Wars 2 1-400 Jewelcrafting guide.  His name is Kowzz and I give him full credit for all of this since I have not personally leveled up Jewelcrafting at this point.

To see the complete thread with all of the comments and notes you can check it out at Guild Wars 2 Reddit. If you aren't a user of Reddit by the way I would strongly suggest you guys go and at least poke around over there.  It always had a ton of great new information.  I have been directed to many different farming spots by taking a look at some of the threads that have been created over there.

Jewelcrafting has already proven to be one of the most popular disciplines in the game.  If you've seen the gathered data from the betas and stress tests you have seen that Jewelcrafting, during that time, generated over twice as much gold as any other discipline.  Since it has been so popular I wanted to write up a guide for you all, but just like the Guild Wars 2 crafting guide I just couldn't write one up that was any better than this person did and it would be a pointless effort to just rewrite something rather than give the credit that is deserved to this person.

I hope all of you enjoy!

(If you cannot see this picture you can either click on it or follow the link above for the full size)

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  1. That is an awesome find! Thanks Adam! Quick question however, does this mean that to get to second tier we should craft anything? Or I would guess discover to the second tier.

    Sound about right?

  2. Great guide - but like all I've found, explicitly stating the mats for discovery above 375 is lacking, since the formula changes from 1 setting, 1 band/hook/chain, 1 gem. You need more of..something. Your guide implies setting+band/hook/chain+3 gems but doesn't show the finished recipe.

    1. All guides will become outdated. Eventually I will be posting the newer ones, but If I did it every single time this site would be nothing but posts about the latest and greatest guides.

      I will try to get a new one for you guys soon.

  3. Hey. I liked the guide, but I'm still at a loss. I got my jewelcrafting up to 400. I was able to make orichalcum hook, setting and filigree, but there doesn't seem to be any way for me use any gems at all w/ them. I have several of the highest level gems (orbs of various kinds), but of all of them, only 2 even say they can be used in crafting, and it's artificing. What do I do w/ the orichalcum findings now?

    (btw), I'm only lvl 60 atm. Do I need to be lvl 80 or something just to try to make new things?)