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Insignia's are worth their weight in silver.

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Insignias are used as components in crafting. Trophies and standard materials are used to create these Insignias. When leveling your craft, check the prices of your Insignias. Sometimes it's better to sell the Insignia on the Trading Post than it is to use the Insignia to craft an item. Look at the Insignia prices listed below. They range from 4.00 to 13.50 a piece!

Trading Post values for Embroidered Wool Insignias (Tailoring)
September 24, 2012 at 2:24 PM

Essentially, you want to track the highest selling Insignia that you can currently craft. You can use the profits gained and stay in this margin, or you can use these profits to purchase cheaper materials and continue to level your craft.
We're going to use a Hearty Embroidered Wool Insignia as our example today.


The materials needed to create a Hearty Embroidered Wool Insignia are:- 1 Bolt of Wool
- 5 Spool of Wool Thread
- 8 Small Scales
This past week, the sale values for a Hearty Embroidered Wool Insignia have been as low as 13 silver and as high as 17 silver. When it comes to selling ANYTHING on the Trading Post, timing and patience are everything. Why sell an item for 13, when you can sell it for 17 by just waiting a day?

Spidy Check! Hearty Embroidered Wool Insignia

Some of you may ask the question: "Why not just sell all these materials? Why should I craft the item instead?"
Even though the Trading Post items fluctuate, the crafted Insignia will sell more than the combined trophies and materials used to craft the Insignia. Let's use the following scenario:

You were able to gather 8 Small Scales in 10 minutes.
While farming for 10 minutes, you found 1 item that granted you 2 Wool Scraps when salvaged.
You also found a few trash items that you vendored for 1.79.
You purchased 10 Spools of Wool Thread from a Vendor (-1.60)

On this particular day, Small Scales were selling for 1.45 to the Highest Buyer and 1.65 to the Lowest Seller. 

If you chose to sell the 8 Small Scales, (matching Lowest Seller) you would make 13.20 (you actually make a little less than this when the Trading Post takes it's cut). 

If you chose to sell the Bolt of Wool, you would have made .38, making your overall profits: 13.58
The Trading Post is showing that you can craft a Hearty Embroidered Wool Insignia and sell it for 15.94
Keep in mind, 10 Spools of Wool Thread from a Vendor cost 1.60 - BUT you made 1.79 from Vendor Trash. You can use your Vendor Trash money to purchase the Thread and still have .19 copper in profits! 

The difference in selling the materials versus crafting and then selling the insignia (on this particular day) is: 236!
Every day will be different. Sometimes, you may only make an additional 1 silver, but that's still 1 silver more than you would have had, if you hadn't done a little extra work!

Small Scales are a Tier 2 Trophy. They can be found from water based creatures in a level 25-35 Zone. Gulper Fish and Barracuda tend to drop Small Scales more often than River Drakes, but it's important to kill all three types of monsters since the Drakes also reward you with Small Claws. Make sure you equip up-to-date underwater gear so you can kill groups of mobs quickly. 


Every MMO in the world makes you wait. Auction Houses in previous titles require that your items be purchased by another player in order to make a profit. The allure to sell your items immediately is screaming at you! But do you need that money this very instant? You're already used to waiting, so match the lowest sale value and wait for that extra 5 silver!
Every item listed on the TP can fluctuate dramatically over the course of a few hours! If you know you can sell an item for 17 silver, DON'T sell it for 13 just because the Trading Post gives you that option. Wait an hour or wait a day! Either way, patience is a virtue!
Because the Trading Post takes a 15% cut, it is always better to sell 1 item versus multiple items in bulk.
As always, I hope this post was helpful!

<3 Pixii


  1. I think your last comment about single vs bulk selling is wrong. Percent is a ratio, you get the same result either way.

    10 items at 1000gp x 10% = 100gp
    1000gp-100gp = 900gp profit
    x1 = 900gp profit

    1 item at 100gp x 10% = 10gp
    100gp-10gp = 90gp
    x10 items = 900gp profit

    same result

    1. You are correct!

      I got a little sloppy towards the end of my post and I can't edit it.
      But since I'd hate to be trolled for one sentence after putting so much effort into this post, allow me to elaborate:

      I do a pretty good job of tracking highs and lows and selling at the "right" time, but I don't always get it right; and I'm sure there are some Newbie Bon Jovis out there who aren't aware they can list prices for XX amount, or don't know the difference between Highest Buyer and Lowest Seller. And that's totally fine too!

      Just keep in mind though - if you are a Joe Schmoe NewbafoOOO,
      and you sell 100 of an item for 1.25 a piece
      and that item can sell for 1.65 an hour later, you will have "lost" 40 silver! (That is to say, you COULD HAVE MADE an extra 40 silver)

      Personally I just don't think it's a good idea to dump your items on the TP in large stacks because TP prices fluctuate so dramatically in just a few hours (unless you're fully aware of what you're doing, in which case - dump away!)

      Hope that makes a little more sense!

  2. Actually, it's worse than that - It rounds up the deposit cost. So if you place in bulk, you lose less money to the rounding up of deposit cost.

    Extreme example:
    5% of 1 item at 1c = 0.05c.
    Rounds up to: 1c deposit
    Sales: 0c
    Sales after 10% sales tax: 0c
    Money earned per item after 10% sales tax: 0c

    5% of 100 items at 1c = 5c
    Rounds up to: 5c deposit
    Sales: 95c
    Sales after 10% sales tax: 85.5c (I'm not sure how rounding works with the sales tax. I think it keeps a running total of this and evens it out?)
    Money earned per item after 10% sales tax: 0.855c