Thursday, September 13, 2012

10 Ways to make easy gold in Guild Wars 2.

10 Ways to Make easy gold in Guild Wars 2.
Here is a short, consider it a beginners Guild Wars 2 Gold Guide, on how to make easy gold in the game.  Since the profit margins on the Guild Wars 2 Trading Post are pretty slim at the moment I wanted to just throw out the top 10 strategies that I have personally used as well as come across that people are using to make easy gold in Guild Wars 2.  Right now with the current state of the game people are more or less selling their goods on the trading post as a vendor +1c pricing point.  This makes it pretty difficult to squeeze out any legitimate gold.  Actually people who do that are losing money since vendoring items is more profitable in many cases.  You can also get more strategies by joining the over 400 others and following this site through our mailing list.  If you join the others you will also get a free guide entitles "5 Pillars to gold making success."

Here ya go. 10 Ways to make easy gold in Guild Wars 2!

  1.  Sell Copper Ore.  Right now it is selling at around 22c/ore.  Each node will give you at least 3 copper.  That is about 60c (After fee's) from each node.  It doesn't get any easier than this!
  2. Sell Unidentified Dyes.  Dyes are regularly selling for more than 5s/dye.  The only ones that sell for an insane amount are the white one, black one and maybe a few others.  The odds of getting these are against you.  Instead of identifying them just sell them for 5s/ea and start to let your profits add up.
  3. Sell your leveling gear to a vendor. Right now people are pricing their gear as low as they possibly can.  When you account for trading post fees you would make less money than if you just vendored it.  So just vendor it.  It is instant gold and you will actually walk away with more.
  4. Flip Copper Ore. Right now people are buying ore like crazy.  Each night before I log off I place a few buy orders for 17-18c and buy about 1,000 of them.  The following night when I log in the prices usually are back up to around 22-23c.  At 22 I make 17silver in profits.  23 I make 25s.  This is all by just placing a few buy orders before I log off for the night.  I have never not filled all of my buy orders.
  5. Sell Cooking Ingredients. Cooking has proven to be much easier than most expected.  The amount of people that are leveling cooking is much higher than we saw during the beta.  At least that is what most people think based on the markets.  When leveling hit up all the gathering nodes you find.  You will get a ton of herbs, onions & mushrooms and they all sell well.  Onions are currently selling at 18c/ea.  You will not get as many of them as you will copper ore, but you will still make a decent amount of gold just by picking them up.
  6. Flip Minis!  Seriously.  I have made about 4 gold since launch doing this.  Just look at all the pets.  There are a ton of them that sell for 3-4 & 5 silver.  Most of them have a quantity of 1.  You can buy them up and raise the price.  I have found a lot of luck in this.  I will buy up the bottom 4-5 of them.  I may raise the price from 4 to 8.  This is such easy gold.  People are snatching up pets like crazy.  The best part is this market is entirely maintained on people purchasing pet packs (with a few exceptions) so the market is unlikely to become flooded.
  7. Farm Vials of Blood.  These have sold incredibly well since day one.  Especially Vials of Weak Blood.  They are currently selling for 43c/ea and sell like hot-cakes.  You can farm them pretty fast.  In 15 minutes you can pick up enough to make the trip and the fast travel well worth your time invested.
  8. Do not fast travel everywhere!  Saving money is earning money.  If you can just walk for 30 seconds do not fast travel.  I have buddies who fast travel everywhere and I already have a ton more gold than them on a character that I don't even use to make gold.  They are level 60 and I just 38.  I am sitting on about 4g and this point and they don't have enough to purchase their second training book.  I am not saying my decision to walk to most places is the only reason, but it certainly has helped.  You are spending 17c on average for each travel you make at my current level and much more than that when you get to level 80.  Save your gold.  If you are just going somewhere in the same zone just walk and farm along the way.  Two for one!
  9. Check the trading post's front page.  The trading post literally tells you what is selling well and what is of the highest value.  The highest value items are what people are offering to buy them for though, not what they are selling for.  The same goes for the top demanded.  These are the items that have the most buy orders for them.  Use this information, along with a bit of market research, and supply the items that are easy to farm and will sell quickly for a decent amount.  The trading post itself is the greatest tool we have to make gold so always but sure to use it.
  10. Place buy orders on sacks!  You know those booty sacks that you pick up in droves?  Those are being sold like crazy.  The Thorned Sack has a chance to drop the following things. Pile of Radiant Dust, 1-3 Linen Scraps, Vial of Thick Blood, 1-2 Rugged Leather Sections or a Vial of Weak Blood.  Not all of these will make you a profit, but if you get the booty bags for the right price you are in luck. I usually place buy orders for as low as I can.  I have gotten a ton of them at around 20c and then opened them up and gotten a Vial of Weak Blood which sells for 75c!  This is some easy easy profit!
  11. BONUS! Get more gold using Magic Find Boosters!  You can read about this strategy on my friends blog Guild Wars 2 Gold Guide.
Hopefully these have helped you guys find a few new ways to make gold.  They are all quite simple.  A few require you to have a bit of start up gold to work with but you can really do these with any amount.  Having less gold just means you are doing it on a smaller scale is all.  The markets are very tight right now so take advantage of anything that you can find!

Do you have any other simple tips to add to this list?  Feel free to comment.

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  1. I have yet to see you acknowledge the anti-farming code in place in the game, you should probably put up a short article or at least a comment about it considering how often you say people should farm fine crafting matts ;)

    1. I have a pretty good lock on who this is commenting, but I will humor you with a response because it know you will explode this into a conspiracy if I don't aknowledge you.

      I do have apost written abou the "anti-farm" coding that people suspect being in the game. I too have some beliefs that it exists, but it doesn't seem to happen all the time. I don't work in conspiracy type speculations. I would rather write about something when I've got a source-backed conclusion on the topic.

      I have spent a long time farming certain zones and never saw a diminishing return on mob drops of blood vials or tings like that. Then I have farmed other times where I got next to nothing. All loot drops in GW2 are based on a randomly generated number. So there is a such thing asbad luck and because of that. Was going to hold off until there was solid "evidence" of any anti farming measures in the game.

    2. Who would be the person you think it was Adam?

    3. the claws came out xD I can only assume that paranoia is making you think I am somebody in the community who you have a history with? Not really sure. I just use the Anon tag since I CBA signing up for every blog I post on ^^

      Anyway, getting back to the subject at hand. The presence of anti-farming code in ArenaNet games is not a conspiracy theory, it has been confirmed and publicised by the developers since Guild Wars 1 in 2007 ref:

      Now since GW2 is pretty much just an improved version of GW1 we can reasonably assume that the code is still implemented, no doubt in a fine tuned/advanced fashion, and I feel there are enough people who are currently running tests etc in the gold making community to substantiate this.

      Unfortunately I cannot speak too strongly from personal experience. Since I have been playing the game with the mentality that the code is in effect, I often bounce between different areas/events/mobs etc. The only comparison I can draw is that I do seem to be making more money doing this than other people in my guild who farm in static locations (ofc this is a fairly insubstantial comparison since different play styles/classes can and will farm more efficiently). But in general I do prefer to make my money flipping items on the TP rather than specifically farming.

      But I have to say that for somebody who is attempting to build a successful site and foster a relationship with the community, your attitude really shocked me! :(

      You actively ask for "input to improve the site" and when I suggest writing an article on an area of the game that directly effects gold making, and may not be known to everybody, you claim to know who I am (which is either very wrong or VERY creepy, and doesn't effect the discussion regardless :S) and then "humor" me with a response? This is despite the fact that you claim to have already considered the topic and have written a post about it?, which ofc implies that you do consider it a valid issue anyway!

      Not really the best way to foster a community and could actively discourage people from commenting in future :(

    4. ^^ that guy is a douche.


      "I posted this anonymously because I am to lazy to log in to, not because I am afraid to own my comment. And I am angry because stuff doesnt drop like skittles so I claim conspiracy even though 90% of everyone playing farms their crafting mats. It cant work cuz this one time I tried it and it took me 30 minutes to get a few drops and I can never get that time back to pwn nubs in WvWvW...."

    5. ^Agreed. We all know who the anon douche is. Own up your comments please.

  2. onions.




    flip them.

  3. As far as saving money on Waypoints, using the PVP Lion's Arch portal can save you a ton of money. Wherever you are, you can travel to the PVP area through your Hero PVP menu, then run through the Lion's Arch portal. Then you can take the major city portals from there to get closer to where you want to go. Once you're in a closer zone, you will save a ton on Waypoints.

  4. Also wood plank and bronze ingnots has good prices

  5. Don't ever waypoint to lions arch. Go to hearts of the mists, walk thru the portal to lions arch. Its free.

  6. 4. Flip copper ore!

    18x 1000 copper ore = 180 silver
    if you can sell it for 22 that is 220 silver - the 15% (tax and fee) makes it 187 silver

    The risk that you own is just only for 7 silver. That is not much at all.
    All of these modes are waste of time. Farm orichalcum nodes, and ancient/orrian saplings in forstgore, cursed shore and malchor's leap. They respawns every 5 hours so if you find all of them its about 1.3-1.5 gold (with included taxe and fee)in every 5 hours. Also go for high lvl instance like cof , do epxlorer runs , its 26 silver bonus + the items that you could sell for vendor = 30 silver / 20 min rounds these the fastest way at my opinion.

  7. 10. Place buy orders on sacks!

    Thorned Sacks
    Buy Listing Daily Average: 0.004429 g

    100 Thorned Sacks:
    Chocolate Bar 22 0.0003 0.0066
    Head of Cauliflower 1 0.0011 0.0011
    Linen Scrap 40 0.0015 0.06
    Orange 18 0.0055 0.099
    Pile of Luminous Dust 1 0.002 0.002
    Pile of Radiant Dust 10 0.0018 0.018
    Rugged Leather Section 38 0.0009 0.0342
    Stick of Butter 40 0.0015 0.06
    Totem 6 0.0079 0.0474
    Vial of Blood 10 0.0073 0.073
    Vial of Thick Blood 4 0.0095 0.038

    Sum: 0.4393 g


    1. Heh. Yup. The funny thing about people posting their strategies is that almost immediately the price is affected and the opportunity to make money is lost. I love the Trading Post though. It does help lower prices.

  8. I just hit 80 on my elementalist and I play solo and unguilded.

    -I've been vendoring everything that's not yellow or better. It took me awhile to learn my lesson on this but something like 90% of the weapons that are blue or green are selling for like 1 copper above their vendor price. It's better to just get the money now instead of hoping maybe one day someone will come and buy that shitty gear. I had some auctions that had been listed for over a month I took everything down and vendored it after being disappointed by salvaging which seems to be just a money sink.

    -I've also been selling all crafting mats, and running a lot of events, some of them seem to repeat pretty rapidly.

    -You supposedly get some kind of boost to loot drops for being in a group.

    -Guilds can put down +10% rare find and other boost banners and you can use food items to give you a +30% to magic find. I noticed these both make a noticeable improvement.

    -Don't forget to sell junk items.

    -3rd party gold sellers are up to about 50% less expensive than buying gold via gems in game but you risk the banhammer.

    I have noticed a lot of gold farming bots and they're ALWAYS rangers with pets, usually bears, so maybe that's the best farming class although I feel that my AoEs help immensely in getting credit for kills (I mostly WvWvW and I'm AoE traited with Staff). The good spots you'll know because they're always crowded.

    I have to admit, though, that I fast travel everywhere and if I didn't do that I'd have even more but so far I've paid for all my trait books, I have all 15 slot bags (which helps not having to run back so much as does the vendoring), and I even bought enough gems for a +50%/hr xp boost when I was leveling (which isn't really worth it unless you're going to farm like this).

    $.02 from Jade Quarry

  9. please add me on skype: leonardo-3001
    i need help

    1. Drop us an email or comment here and let us know what you need help with!

  10. Nice article (thanks for posting)

    I'm Lv63 and doing well on cash. I was tempted into identifying dyes – as one of our party hit a 5G jackpot of a dye… But I'm now back to selling them unidentified – as I'm getting bagel luck!

    The price has dropped considerably, and I wont accept a silver less than 12 on them, but at the moment (not sure if its just because its Christmas) but everything is *SO* cheap.

    Dyes are selling for 9S (and on bad days, even less) Should I be scooping these up?

    In honesty – I've never ‘flipped’ anything (that’s buy low sell high right?) but I see the appeal. I don’t know how all these people have buy orders for 1C on things with higher vendor prices – as you cant physically offer less than its worth… So how do they do orders for 1C (and do they get any hits?! Surely not!)

    But correct me if I'm wrong, does a buy order cost the gold up front? Say for example, the dyes. I know they sell well on good days – and if I place a buy order for 1000 at 9S – will that cost me 90G up front?

    If that order doesn’t get fulfilled (or it doesn’t fulfil quick enough) if I cancel the order (deducting whatever I did manage to get at that price) does it still cost me the fee on the entire 9G (is it 15%? 1G35?)

    So id be well out of pocket?

    I'm looking to invest a very painfully acquired wealth – and I think flipping is going to be the way.

    Some things sell disgustingly – like Chillis, Yams, Vanilla etc.

    But I've been burnt too, I've held onto all my Wintersday Gifts – and I have hundreds of each… On launch day these were all selling for between 1S50 and 3S00… But now, the ‘Giant’ sells for 60C.

    That’s a massive drop – and at one point, I calculated I had around 15G worth of presents (including all the loosely collect uglies, snowflakes and recipes). They are worth about 20-25% of this now.

    Do we think the price on presents is going to spike? Do the traders disappear on the 4th of January – so will the uglies because useless? (But I can still hold onto recipes, snow flakes and skins to see if the price rises after the event?)

    I never would have guess pre-purchase that this game would be so financial rather than the actual art of going round and annihilating everything you see!

    1. From what I understand, it does not cost to place and/or cancel a buy order.

      For sell orders, it will cost you the initial 5% listing fee if you cancel.

  11. Some good tips from all.

    I'm used to WoW and not having played much since August I'm yet to get my head around what seems to be easy ways to earn a few more coins.