Friday, September 14, 2012

Free Guild Wars 2 disciplines leveling guides. Level your disciplines from 1-400 in record time thanks to Zpyr0.

I spent a lot of time since Guild Wars 2 launch looking around the Internet trying to find a comprehensive guide that has a 1-400 leveling guide for every discipline in the game. In just a short few weeks since the game launched I found dozens of different sites which claim to have leveling guides for disciplines. Many of them were just early attempts by bloggers generate page views for their site by creating incredibly basic and ultimately useless guides. After digging around a little bit on the GuildWars2Forum site actually found a thread which linked to the site I would like to show you guys today. His the first site which has a full Guild Wars 2 1-400 Disciplines Leveling Guide. The difference between this one and all the other sites I've seen thus far is in the quality that you will see here.  They really put the time in and they deserve to have their work seen by people because it really is second to no one else.  All of the guides appear to have received the same leveled of detail and dedication as the others.  They were all created with the obvious intention of helping people out as much as possible and I appreciate that very much as a blogger.

I want to emphasize that I did not create these guides and the full credit for all the work goes to Zpyr0!

Here are the links to every guide. No matter which discipline you've chosen the site now has you covered and in the event that a new and more efficient strategies are developed I'm sure that the fine folks at this site will be updating them for you. They have already shown a knack for updating the guides on a near daily basis. This shows a certain level of dedication that you don't see with any of the other pseudo-guides that have been created thus far.

I could have very well just come up with my own guides for you guys, but if you ask me that would've been a complete waste of time since such a fantastic set of guides like this already exists. I stated from the beginning that I am not out to create 100% unique content each and every single day. My goal has always been to bring the information to all of you whether that be creating it myself or just pulling it from other sites and shown that you guys while giving credit where credit is due.

One more time I would like to thank Zpyr0 for all the hard work is done putting together all of these guides and anyone else who may have contributed to them while they are being created. It is a ton of work in you've done the entire Guild Wars 2 community a wonderful service as well as save people an immense amount of time!

Guild Wars 2 1-400 Disciplines Guides

I hope you all found these guides as useful as I did there was an incredible amount of work that obviously went into these and I think we owe Zpyr0 a huge thank you for the amount of work he has put into these.  I love when people do this sort of thing and then give it away for free.  It just goes to show that not everyone on the internet does this sort of thing to create a guide and make money of of you like some people would.

Thank you so much to Zpyr0 and anyone else who has contributed to or worked on these guides!

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  1. Unfortunately the cooking guide is pretty much outdated ...

    1. It still has all the most important information though. I'm sure Zpyr0 will be updating it again. He has put a pile of work into these so I'm sure they aren't perfect, but they are much better than anywhere else I've seen.

  2. Yeah they all seem to be outdated slightly, since a couple of changed went into crafting.

    I noticed were in the "Shopping Lists" for Huntsman (since im doing hunts atm)
    e.g. most of em i seem to find need.
    300 Logs = 100 plank
    98 Ore = 49 Ingot.
    60 Leather Section[s]
    56 Lumps of w.e level ore(Purchased from crafting vendor)
    68 Venom Sac[s] (or cheapest lower tier item currently)
    12 Sharp Claw[s] (or cheapest higher tier item)
    12 Smooth Scale[s](or cheapest higher tier item)
    12 Vial of Thick Blood[s](or cheapest higher tier item (is totems in guide but bloods are cheaper(at time of this post) and more apt for Huntsman tbh)

    1. There are always going to be changes. I'm sure they get outdated from time to time, but he is one of the only people doing all the guides so I'm sure he will update them as needed.

      It is a tough thing to do guides like these.

  3. To Zpyr0

    I dont know if u read this i tried to contact you through ure website, but i just want to offer you my first child or something :)

    I mean thanks alot for those guides and im looking forward to see what else will bring. Thanks again!!!