Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Double you trading post gold using one of the most simplistic strategies.

I want to thank Malachi Draven for this guest post.  It was originally a post on our forums, but I thought it was an interesting read.  It's practice is as simplistic as they come.  It will not get you rich all by itself, but it is a way to get some easy gold when you are just starting out with the game. I welcome anyone who is interested in writing a guest post to get in contact with me through the contact us menu at the top of this page as well.  Thank you Malachi for the guest post and I hope you all enjoy!

Find Malachi Draven at personal site "The G Spot."  Don't worry! It's perfectly safe for work.

Guild Wars 2 Stick of Butter
Watch as I turn one silver coin into two silver coins! Then I do it again, and again, and again, and yes, again! Unlike a magician, however, I can show you how to do this trick yourself!

With the change to cooking materials, certain items can no longer be purchased from the karma vendors. Instead, they are dropped in loot bags and from harvesting resource nodes. I've found two (there could be more that I haven't seen yet) items that I can literally double my money on with no effort and no risk. Those items are Sticks of Butter and Chocolate Bars.

Here's what you do.

Step 1: 
Go to the Trading Post. Search for Stick of Butter. Place a CUSTOM OFFER for 1c each. Buy a stack of 100 (I have a problem where it doesn't accept my offer when it's above 100). You'll get your order within minutes because everybody else is offering 1 copper also. 

Step 2: 
Retrieve your Sticks of Butter from the Trading Post and now turn around and sell them by using the MATCH LOWEST SELLER option which will be for 2 copper. They will sell within minutes.

Step 3: 
Rinse, repeat.

These steps work exactly the same for Chocolate Bars. I buy/sell both items at the same time. Now, this will only make you a little bit of gold by doubling 1 silver at a time, but hey - who's going to argue with 85% profit (15% trading post cut)? This is fantastic for lower level players!

The way this works is that the prices have fallen so low that we can offer literally the lowest amount possible to place an order (1 copper). Because this is the minimum for placing an order, that means the minimum for matching the lowest seller will be 2 copper, because nobody will simply "post" something for the same amount that they can instantly sell it for. So, you're guaranteed to double your money every time. Enjoy!!

-Malachi Draven

You can find Malachi at his new Guild Wars 2 website.  Head on over and give it a look!

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  1. It's fixed with temporary Mystic Forge recipes, and now the Stick of Butter price is about 15c. Still can buy and resell, but profit is far smaller than 85%

  2. This method wont work since the prices soared on the 15th :(

  3. Sadly since a couple of Days, Stick of Butter doesnt cost 1 / 2 cents anymore but from 8 to 10.

  4. also called flipping, and can be done with quite a lot of item's pretty much all the time.

  5. Butter has been at 7c on buy orders for days. You can set as many 1c buy orders you want, it won't ever get filled.

  6. Hey, I just want you guys to know that the market has changed since I wrote this article. Sticks of Butter don't go for 1 copper anymore, but you can still find a lot of items that do, such as Cinnamon Sticks. Just keep an eye out for things like that (heavily supplied items) and you can keep doubling your money.

    Or, if you're patient, you can buy the items for 1 copper each, wait a few hours for the price to fluctuate, and sell them for 3 copper each instead of 2. :D

  7. well i am buying it at 6c a pice and selling it at 8c now there is a 2s to be made off every stack i sell

  8. Exactly, you have to keep an eye out. Check what's in demand and consider the mass of players. Copper has been highly valued but is going down these days, because most craftsmen are done with bronze and copper items by now. Iron is going up. Expect the same happening with silver, gold, mithril one day. If you got the funds, you could stock up on those in advance. Just always be flexible and observant...

    Good write-up, thanks for the article!

  9. Eduard, I think there are other factors to consider. Copper is higher in demand because it is used by more professions than iron and there will always be more characters under level 20 who need copper than players at 20-40 who will need iron. Also you need equal amounts of copper and iron to advance through each tier through discovery yet you spend a significantly longer time in zones with iron than you do in zones with copper due to the leveling curve which results in an excess of iron since it appears that the frequency of veins does not change drastically between zones.

  10. Actually, Eduard is correct in what he's saying. I've been following price trends of not only copper but also various types of scraps and leather salvagables... the tier 1 stuff has generally had its ups and downs but is worth a decent amount. The tier 2-5 crafting materials however (again, an emphasis on those retrieved from salvagables) have all gone through waves. I'd like to emphasize specifically those to do with scraps though. Jute scraps are at a consistant 26-34 (centering around 30)... wool scraps, cotton scraps, silk scraps, linen scraps are the ones to focus on as the tier 2-5 materials. Silk scraps have had their run, peaking at about 35c each and now back down to 20c. Before silk was wool, peaking at about 25c but now down to a stable 17-19c each. Linen scraps are on the rise despite appearing to have stabilized at 15c or so (up from 12c each 5 days ago). Cotton scraps are now the ones to focus on, though they are now on the drop (up from 18c to a peak at 34c, back to around 29-30c but dropping as they are now abundant).

    To anyone who has actually read what I've written, based on these trends, silk will slowly go back up in price as the second wave of players who have passed from tier 2-3 materials begin their progress with tier 4-5 materials. Cotton will go back down in price along with wool, but linen and silk are the ones to invest in.

    The reason I speak of these waves of players is to do with how the game was released, where, and when. The more obsessive players have already cleared this hump in crafting (a large, quick spike in demand) and now it's the less adamant players who will create a longer term demand in these same goods (those who were not around for prerelease and put less time in as those from the beginning). This second spike in demand will not reach such a peak as before, but you can make some good money if you start investing now.

    These aren't only for scraps, btw. This will apply to the metals and the leathers as well. I hope this helps everyone. I've made about 150g off the AH already and have over 3000 achievement points. I'm not trying to brag, I just want to show that I do have experience working with the TP (predominantly salvagables) and am not just tooting my horn.

    Good luck and may the gold flow :)