Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Guild Wars 2 bulk items which can be purchased using Karma.

If you were to go back and read all the posts which I put on the site I would bet there are almost a dozen times where I stressed the importance of buying in bulk. Don't believe me? Here are a few of the posts I have written so far which actually outline just that.

Whether you went back and read any of those or not my point stays the same. Buying in bulk is critically important to making profits in Guild Wars 2. It is so important that apparently even ArenaNet believe this so much that they incorporated a way for you to purchase bulk items from vendors in the game. What's even better is that you can do it using karma. When I first heard about the system of karma I thought it was going to be difficult to come across enough to make any difference. I figured that karma was going to be something like valor points in World of Warcraft. Using that as a comparison couldn't be any further away from what they actually are.

In case you are new to Guild Wars 2 and you aren't aware of what karma is it is a reward system for participating in events with other players. Each time you participate in a dynamic event or just a regular Qwest style event in the game you are rewarded with karma upon completion of it.

So why in the hell am I talking about karma? Well – karma may not seem like anything major, but I assure you it is! One of the most amazing things that we can do with karma is actually purchase certain food items in bulk using it. This can potentially save us endless amounts of time. Rather than being out farming for ingredients there are certain vendors which will actually sell them to you in bulk for karma.

The following is a very simple spreadsheet which a member of the Guild Wars 2 Forum put together highlighting all the locations of the different karma vendors and what they are selling for bulk.  This is not something I put together is was created by GWCRAFT on the forums.  The original database is a Google Document.

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  1. They have made all karma items bind to account, so you can no longer sell them on the trading post.

  2. you can't sell items that cost kara any more Anet has changed it so they are account bound

  3. You can still sell food items on the trading post though. So if you created something with those ingredient you are able to. Or am I misinformed?

  4. you can sell crafted food on the trading post, but there is no market for them at this moment in time considering how easy it is to get 400 chef.